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JAM: How did you die?View game page

A brief adventure to the afterlife
Submitted by John Watson (@yafd) — 9 hours, 26 minutes before the deadline
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JAM: How did you die?'s page


CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Emotional Engagement#302.5002.500
Lasting Impression#442.3332.333
Mental Engagement#621.8331.833

Ranked from 12 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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wonderful, well-crafted and succinct.

this is a perfect little slice of a game. the theming is spot on, the visuals are perfectly appropriate without being distracting. i really enjoyed using 'hot spots' as the interaction method, though some were not so clear. and of course the overall meaning was well conveyed an poignant.

subtitles aren't even negotiable any more. they're pretty much as standard as visuals and audio, and assuming you wrote a script for your lines, that work should already be done anyway.

because everything is conveyed through audio, it can be tough to know when segments are done. in the very first room i thought the character was done speaking and walked away, before realizing i had to go back and listen again and let him finish to progress. easiest way to accommodate this is with maybe a little 'speaking' orb above the character's head as an indicator.

it might also be too subtle in some respects. maybe one or two more steps before the 'meaning' of each room is revealed with a little more buildup. but otherwise, all the necessary elements are there and it works well. amazing experience!


Nice atmosphere. I'd have added subtitles though, the distorted audio can sometimes make it difficult to understand


It looks nice and it sounds nice and I listen very long but I didn't hear the correct way...
But really nice so far. Especially for a one-man-project with all parts selfmade!


Interesting but quite confusing in many ways


Wow this game was great! I am not sure if I missed anything, but overall was short and sweet. The way you start talking to the person could be made a little easier to understand. It would also be nice if more of the things were interactable like the wood and candles in lost. But hope you had fun making the game!


Gosh, I'm confused! What does it mean to listen to collect orbs? What am I listening for? How do I tell when I've collected one? What exactly can I interact with by clicking on it? Where is this door that I can go through? I just floated around and couldn't do anything.

(Don't worry, I'm not gonna rate it based on my confusion. If you explain how it works a little more I'll give it another go.)