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It seems like the game won't run on MacOS 10.13 - I guess I'll have to change the requirements, sorry.

I had people run it on 10.14, but I'd say at least 10.15 is recommended.

Oh, thanks for telling me. I'll look into it ASAP!

I'd say it's borderline. I've seen games that were set up as RPGs but still had mostly adventure game elements, but if the game is mainly RPG then... well, then it's an RPG.

One important feature of adventure games is that it's mostly deterministic. If you do the right thing, there will be an advancement. RPGs have a layer of randomness that usually have you lose a battle even if you technically did something wrong, and this isn't generally accepted by adventure gamers.

A way of integrating RPGs and adventure games would be giving more weight to items than stats. Like, have a boss battle that isn't winnable if you don't have a particular item which you acquire not through leveling up but through puzzle solving, having battles as a completely optional way of overcoming an obstacle (the Indiana Jones adventure games have this, for example - you can outsmart enemies, and if you fail you can still fight them or run away).

That depends on the level of skill needed, I'd say.

If the focus of the game is being able to perform jumps due to precise motions, then it's a platformer. An adventure game is mostly focused on puzzle solving (also, mostle story drive puzzles) and little to no motor skills are involved.

Portal, for example, while having puzzle solving it's not an adventure game, but a puzzle platformer - you can have the right solution but still be unskilled enough with controls that you can't manage to pass a level. Games in this jam shouldn't have this kind of mechanic - once you know how to solve something, there should be almost no skill required to perform the solution.

Thanks! It seems that everyone loved the smacking... except the werewolf, of course!

Thanks a lot :) I don't know if I like mazes as a player, but it was very fun to implement as a dev, I never had a maze in my games and it was about time I did :P

I uploaded a Mac build, let me know if there are any issues with it!

The full version will include a Mac build, for sure. At the time of the game jam I didn't have time to provide a Mac build for the demo, but now that I think of it, could do it one of these days :)

Thanks for the video, glad you liked the game :)

Very very beautiful. Great art, great atmosphere.

I was referring to the "light a candle to get the wax", but originally my comment was meant to say "two similar puzzles" then thought "hmm, the truffle one maybe doesn't count because it's based on a slightly different mechanic" :P gotta play Ghost V soon, now I'm curious

Well, I sure didn't expect it to turn out this way :P note to self, don't play with headphones anymore.

Great art, interesting puzzles. Good job!

Yet another masterpiece in two weeks. You really are a talented storyteller.

What a gem. Wow. Just wow. Art, story, music, puzzle design, I have no complains at all.

On a separate note, you know I love to look for similarities between jam games... we have one very similar puzzle :P

Thanks, it worked!

Yet another great entry by The Argonauts. Great puzzles (I must confess I had to look up a walkthrough to get the hammer!), great art and a funny premise. A bit of music would have elevated it all.

Now I know why Jon said "don't play this game with your mother in law". Glad I didn't. Great game!

I loved the look and feel. The palette, the music. Great voice acting too.

Ah, nice. I loved the classic set up of "I just need two common things and I'm gonna get them in the most convoluted way possible".

The ending hit me hard. Definitely unexpected.

I'm clicking everywhere on the web version, pressing all keys, but I still can't select the language. I'll try the downloadable version later

Makes you wish for more. The art is very nice.

Congrats on your game. Platformers are a difficult genre to get right, because controls can make or break a game, there's some work to do but for a jam game it's acceptable. I sure didn't expect the profound ending :)

Nice atmosphere. I'd have added subtitles though, the distorted audio can sometimes make it difficult to understand

Great game! Great atmosphere and visuals, and a very very clever use of sound for cutscenes. Great job.

Good writing, I really liked chatting with the bear. The hockey part gave me a hard time though!

Pretty funny, I laughed at Maria's secret, totally unexpected.

Thanks a lot, Honza :) it's flattering.

The nuns are a homage to Italian comic artist Leonardo Ortolani - sister Handlebars and sister Dali appear in two panels of his signature character, Rat-Man.

Sister Adolf is however based on my elementary school teacher... both looks and behavior :P

I'd like to share my newly released point and click game, developed in two weeks for Adventure Jam 2022.

It's a humorous adventure about werewolves, nuns, religion and hair. You can try it for free at

For Windows, Linux and Mac, in English and Italian.

All feedback appreciated!

Thanks, we wanted to add even more mustache styles but there were too few pixels :P so we had to cut Sister Charles Bronson

Thanks, my greatest pleasure - in life, not only in gamedev - is making people laugh, and your review sure puts a smile on my face

Thanks! It's flattering... unless you played only mine :P

Thanks! In my jam games I always try to add a kind of puzzle that I haven't implemented yet, and this time a maze fit perfectly in the context :) PowerQuest is great and the new GUIs are just *chef's kiss*

Thanks! Having attended an elementary school ran by nuns, it was easy to write religion into it :P

That plot point has been decided by my daughters :P apparently, they feel their father's sorrow...

Suor Manubria for the win! Ortolani is a genius

Thanks a lot :D

Thanks! I feared the Easter joke was too subtle :P glad you had fun, looking forward to play yours

The first part is a bit tricky because you need to look at stuff, and players often overlook that mechanic :D glad you liked the dialogs!

Thanks :) as for the pixel art, I must thank the shaders provided in PowerQuest as I'm absolutely unable to make Unity work properly

Remember that right click inspects things and may open new possibilities!