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But he was called Berry, like the famous musician... Chuck Berry 😁

I put a plant named Chuck in Duty First if you're looking for some explicit references to old games 😀

I'm currently drawing pizzas, way better than poop :D

It's always a pleasure to see you play the jam games :D

I tried playing with WASD but I couldn't get Santa to climb down the stairs (A and D worked fine though)

Oh, that dependency diagram is going to change *a lot* during these days :P but thanks for the offer, when I have something more definite I may have a chat in some of the discords we have in common :)

Great atmosphere and art!

I just love how it's humorous, dark and creepy at the same time.

Funny entry, great job for a first game.

Also my last jam game before this one (Mutiny on the Clodia) has a thermostat with funny temperature names, the coincidence made me laugh

Great atmosphere.

Even if I'm not a fan of quicktime events, I like how they've been implemented. And also, thanks for the autosave option!

Thanks a lot, I hope to keep improving... or all the sleep I lost in these weeks was for nothing! :P

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Thanks Steven! A couple of days in I noticed I couldn't possibly produce my original idea so I opted to cut at the first bottleneck and make it a demo, and since the scope was way smaller, I could try to polish it as much as possible to see what I could do if I dedicate enough time to production.

I'm very satisfied and now also motivated to try something bigger than a jam game

The full game? It depends on the voice actors :P

Seriously speaking I think I could have produced my original idea in 2 weeks with less polish and less personal life interruptions, so if I were to make that I think I could have it ready by end of December.

But I think it could be cool to expand it even further!

Thanks, I always love your gameplay videos!

I love the style. The inventory system was a bit tedious to be honest, and one hotspot was easy to overlook, but apart from that, I have no complaints :D

Stunning visuals, great scene composition.

Is there more than one possible ending? Because I finished but there are some objects and rooms that I basically haven't used...

Very very very very funny. I loved it. May I suggest to add an option to set if the text waits for click? I missed some lines because I finished reading, clicked and the text had just changed :P

Nice entry, the looks and music gave me strong C64 vibes.

I kept playing after I got out of the house only to find out in the comments that the game was over :P but it was fun

I got painfully stuck because I'm an idiot. I didn't understand you could walk, so I got down the stairs and couldn't do anything else. Then I found out I could walk, but I had spent so much time on the second row that I forgot I could walk also on the top left picture and got stuck again because I had no idea how to reach the top right.

Once my brain cells started working again, everything went fine. I'm so glad I tried again because it was a lovely game.

Except when I found stoc***o in the grass :P

Wonderful art, I liked the story. I had to check a playthrough because I got stuck and I think it was a bug, because SPOILER ALERT I had to talk to the girl to get her to light the wood chippings, but every time I talked to her she just said "I want to leave". I restarted the game and then it worked.

I loved it. It looks gorgeous. A bit frustrating that I had to restart whenever I died, but at least it doesn't take too long to get back to where you were :D

Many were absolutely not adventure games (some weren't even jam games, just pre-made games submitted a few hours after the jam started)

I'm trying the game but I'm not sure what to do. I see dancing lobsters, a drawing of a mouse with two arrows but no matter what I do, nothing happens. The drawing then disappears, but I don't have control of anything. What are the controls?

I loved the way things are subtly implied, instead of just told. Great storytelling.

I can't run the game. I just get a white background and nothing happens :(

The cutscenes in comics style were great. The fight was a bit difficult at first, probably due to some bug? My character kept being propelled all the way to the left whenever I got close to the monster. The second time it was easier, that's why I think it was a bug.

I don't know whether it was my PC giving up, but half of the text was unreadable (I could still get most of it anyway). I liked the idea of being stuck in a time loop and using knowledge of the future to advance.

I really liked this entry. I'm not sure whether I got all possible endings, but I sure kept trying because I wanted to discover more and more. This would be a great setup for a longer game.

Nice entry, I had a bit of a hard time reading the font at first but I got used to it quickly. I think I got a bug once where I couldn't escape the second level and the background was also partly missing, so I left the game unfinished. Maybe you updated the game afterwards, but I'm happy I came back to it later because the clock puzzle was very nice.

It made me smile when he talks about painting "a ship that's being hijacked", given that's the whole premise of my own entry :P

I liked how this game is both creepy and funny at the same time

104 actually :P and yes, the jam host transferred the amount to me via paypal

A short point&click adventure game where you try to escape a ship that's being hijacked.

Made in 14 days for a game jam, get it at

I'm not the host nor a judge, but be careful because the focus must be on the adventure genre, I suppose it highly depend on the balance between how much platformer and how much adventure

1) Yes
2) As long as you have the right to use them, use whatever you want
3) Yes

A couple of entries last year had RPG-style visuals, so I suppose they are. As long as the gameplay is adventure-gamey you can find them here

I'm pretty sure you can, have a look at last year's games and you can find a couple of games that share assets. The main goal of this jam should be the story and puzzle design, or at least last year it was, given how specific the theme was :D

How did he say he stayed hydrated during the intro?

Great game! Definitely worth the wait :)