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Very funny game! Charming characters, puzzles that were very well integrated in the setting and the plot, well done!

Very very nice!

Congrats on making your own engine. May I suggest to add more feedback to the clicks? Sometimes it's hard to understand whether I clicked correctly on the inventory item before giving or using, and I had to try again a few times. Good job anyway :)

Lovely graphics and I liked the ending. Great job!

What can I say that hasn't already been said in other comments? The look and feel is very authentic to early 1990's adventures.

Thanks :) the actors made a stellar job

I liked the idea of playing as an evil overlord, but I must admit that I got lost after a while trying to find all 30 henchmen. In my opinion 30 is too much, especially when the only challenge is finding them - you could have gone with way less. But the fights felt satisfying... ok, there was no challenge, but they made me feel powerful :D how dare they say no to me!

This was surely something unexpected. The visuals are great and relaxing, and I also liked the sound design. I did play with earphones as suggested ;)

I really loved the atmosphere and the way music underlines your actions. I also like seeing you experiment with different kinds of gameplay, with respect to your last jam games

Thanks a lot! And yes, the voice acting really made a difference

Thanks! I'm always happy when someone comments on music - it's probably the topic where I'm less confident in my skills, so it's appreciated :)

Thanks a lot :)

Thanks a lot :) the book puzzle is definitely my favorite. And also thanks for the comment on the music! I'm an improvised, self-taught musician, so I'm very very glad you liked it!

Thanks! It's my seventh 14-day jam in three years, so I guess I'm very comfortable with the jam format and I'm now able to cram as much content as I can in a short time ;)

Thanks George! I guess the stones could have been improved by a better signposting / dialogue but I froze text after seven days because I really wanted to have voice acting. And I'm glad I did, because the voices really made the comedy shine :)

Thanks a lot Jaybee :)

Thanks :) I like adding little jokes here and there and I'm always happy if someone finds them (e.g. having Carla complain about you stealing her job). Also thanks for your comment on Where Wolf - as someone who's been brought up by somewhat violent nuns, that game has a special place in my heart :P

Great storytelling here. The barrel puzzle feels like it was there just to justify this game's presence in an adventure game jam, but honestly you probably didn't even need to. It felt good just to go through the interactive story.

Thanks :) I could have implemented that puzzle a bit better but of all the puzzles I've ever designed, it's definitely my favorite.

And to think that I added it at the last minute. Otto was just going to be a decoration, until I posted a screenshot and someone on discord said "is the skull going to talk?" and that's how he was born :D

Being complimented on visuals by you, given how great your game looks, is definitely an honor. Thanks a lot!

Thanks for your comment! I could have made the bookcase puzzle a bit less obscure but I would have needed more time to implement it the way I originally envisioned, and I had to choose between improving a single puzzle or having voice acting. I feel I made the right choice :D voices were really great

Thanks :) I'm a big old school p&c game fan, so I'm glad you got those vibes!

Thanks for the walkthrough! It turned out I missed a hotspot :D

Thanks! The dungeon puzzle is probably the best puzzle I've ever designed :D with a bit more time I would have implemented it a bit differently (a bit more fair maybe) but I loved the idea in itself

Thanks a lot :) I'll always be thankful to the actors, they really elevated the whole project

Enraged is a worrying word :P I hope it was that kind of "fun" frustration all adventure games give. Most of the actors are professionals indeed, and those who aren't - well, they aren't yet. They sure have the talent and capabilities to :)

Thanks :) I couldn't be happier with the voice acting, I'm always worried that my writing is more appropriate for reading but it turned out that the comedic timing was perfect, the actors made a very very good job

It's flattering that you associate my name with a good time. The reason I make games is that I love to make people have fun, and your comment makes me very happy, thanks

Thanks :) I actually find it easier to give more purpose to each room, for my full game I often feel that the rooms are "empty", as if I'm not justifying their existence and I could merge the tasks / hotspots of more rooms into one. The 14-day format forces me instead to make less rooms and I'm happy to cram as much content as I can in them :P

Thanks Dan :) my experience with PowerQuest allows me to be very quick in implementing.

And the horse name, I just had to do it :P too bad the horse isn't in great shape...

Thanks Marco :) I'm amazed by what the voice actors did, they really brought the characters to life. Now I feel compelled to go for voice acting in the next jam too!

Thanks a lot! I'm glad you liked it :)

Thanks a lot! And I know that with "bellissimo" you're not referring to me but I'll pretend you are :P

Thanks! I always try to add something new in every jam game, and the clock puzzle helped me play around with a few Unity components :) glad you liked it

What a cute game. I'm not a fan of platformers and my computer was having some performance issues, but I kept playing because I was hooked.

Also I loved the double jump. I kept double jumping everywhere because it was so relaxing.

An arrogant, self-absorbed a**hole? That's my kind of protagonist. And it can KICK STUFF? Oh, this game is wonderful! I laughed so much at some sentences, and the idea of a person who needs to LEARN to pick up things is so absurd, I love it.

I want a walkthrough, though :P I didn't manage to finish it and I really want to know how things evolve.

Very nice game! I loved discovering the story bit after bit, and luckily I had saved because I somehow felt there was more than one ending :D nice job

This was a very nice entry. Great atmosphere, very nice graphics. Good job!

I was very, *very* confused when I watched the TV :D I had a few laughs. I love that we both have a closeup of a clock for a puzzle. I wonder if you had a green screen or you manually cut out the body outline for the walk cycle (if so, kudos for your patience)

Very fun premise, the idea of a fly who can switch between disguising as a human and staying in its fly form can really offer a lot of possibilities for puzzles and other fun shenanigans. I hope you'll expand on this!