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I forgot to mention, but for the food for the roommate you have to prepare it first. I mean you don't just pick up a thing of Kraft Mac n' Cheese and eat it raw... right..?

This game looks good, and plays well. Had a nice story too! The characters were all unique. I liked how it somewhat setup Hal as a villain, but then showed he was just a puppet to the ERT. The puzzles if you would call them that were all very simplistic and easy, and I can't say I was very emotionally attached while playing. Overall, great game though

Enjoyable game, but I couldn't finish sadly. The characters and story were interesting, and I wish I could have seen how it ended, but alas my skill issue be too great. Also I was running out of time to keep playing. Not sure what else to say, I think there was a bug when inspecting the fabricator where it repeated part of it. No other issues I remember, just a nice game!

I loved the atmosphere, but it feels like there just needs to be more there. Without an ending, or any form of an award for delivering the boxes, the game feels somewhat empty. It does have a nice fitting earie atmosphere working with the posters that give you the feel of what is happening. Also would have been nice to have subtitles. But overall, loads of potential to be a great game!

I had a bit of help while playing, but overall great game, cool story, and nice puzzles. A fairly fitting theme with all the advances in AI, but still made for a great game along the way. The concept of the dog and you being able to interact was neat, and none of the puzzles to absurd to solve. Great job!

After getting the grand score of -470, I can say I am satisfied. This game was fun and silly, and I enjoyed playing it! Not sure what to say, it is just a good funny game

I got a bit into it, but eventually came to the conclusion that I had to do the safe, the problem was I had no idea how to do the combination puzzle with what was given on the observation floor. But amazing game! I love the art and the sound design was pretty nice. I would say the movement of the character at the very beginning was a bit off, and holding all the discs was a tad annoying. Besides that, I am not sure what to say in terms of improvements, overall, just a great game and was just a bit too difficult for me lol.

Oh cool, thanks! The one in the house doesn’t really have any hints, but the sprite you click on for it does look different. I am shocked it was good for the time constraint considering I managed my time horribly and it ended up essentially rushed in 3 days

The stone in the house does have sparkles on the texture, they are just kinda hard to see. The red thing in the pantry was supposed to be red dye. Regarding giving the roommate food, the food in the pantry has to be prepared first

Hmm the last stone is near the beginning of the game, but quite difficult to see (there is no indicator on the cursor for it, but the sprite looks different)

Update: it was the dark stone, which is very well hidden, but near the beginning of the game

Oh wait the last stone was the dark stone, it is quite well hidden, but the first stone you can get in the game

There is no walkthrough sadly, which ones couldn’t you find?

the boot is just a silly Easter egg lol, but no there is no walkthroughs (guess I should make one). The last stone which I believe is the light stone, has a puzzle, all the clues should be in the game to solve it. Also thanks, I wanted to make and try out a more traditional adventure game this year

Ah ok, I still had fun!

Great game, but I eventually got stuck on the password puzzle. I tried translating with the code both ways, neither worked. But besides that not much to say just a great game! Cool art, nice visuals, all the works

I like the concept and art style, and I see potential in the game. In its current state there is not much to say, it creates the foundation of a story, has straightforward puzzles, and is a small demo of the art mechanics, and feel of the game. The character's voice was startling from the silent menu screen, but overall the (what I presume is an AI voice) sounds not too bad. Hope to see more, but you would probably have to remind me to check it out since I am not one to keep track of games lol

Cool concept, but I think it is wayyyy too difficult, it could be a skill issue, but it almost felt like a troll type platformer game in difficulty. The art was cool, and story and gameplay weren't too bad (controls didn't list the e and q controls however), but I just couldn't get very far in the game due to the difficulty

Thank you! First of all there are 6 stones lol, but some are a tad trickier to find (probably Earth, Dark, and Light), but glad you still enjoyed it. I mentioned it on discord, but for anyone reading this comment want to say that I realized my game engine's saving system was broken, and it was too late to fix it, so saving is broken

Thank you!

Occasionally the game would start lagging, this could be my computer too, but it seemed worth mentioning. The game almost entirely froze once

I just now remember to play your game lol, and it is as great as I expected. Besides some performance issues no real technical problems. And the story, voice acting, and art were all fun. Sorry I didn't stream your game though hope you don't mind. Either way great work!

After awhile of trying I got past the lady, but bugged out pretty bad (picked up my bag while pushing and got stuck in the pushing animation). Then got into town to soon die to a rat. The game seems too difficult maybe? Or maybe that it is hard to understand what you are doing. A restart button would be nice because I had to reload the page everytime to play again. Besides that not too bad, just a little buggy

Great game, I agree with a person in the comments that the backgrounds during cutscenes were a tad off putting. But overall very cool look and feel. On the right side of the lower level there is a part where you can leave the map, so I was lost out there for a bit. I wish it was a bit more clear when I had found everything, and would have loved a way back up. Voice over was amazing as well, and the music was quite nice.

Cool game, but ended quite abruptly, understandable however. I like the character's design, and the story seems interesting would have loved to see more. In such a short game I don't have much to judge

Very cool Alice in Wonderland type story. I either got stuck or reached the end of the demo (the castle area). Had fun making voices for the characters on stream, and overall nice writing. Seemed to be a tad buggy at times, and the point and click system used isn't my favorite kind of point and click, but that might just be me. I think it was the mouse wheel that would bug out the game a lot since it seemed to make music and dialogue go backwards. But overall really nice game!

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The game keeps freezing at the start for me :(, I was playing the working version on english fullscreen. If you have a fix tell me and I can play it (But likely not on stream like I was planning too)

This was an amazing game! I loved the story, characters, art, music, everything! No clue what to critique or mention really. There is a lack of real puzzles in the game, and I thought that there was a decent discrepancy between the side and front of the character design, but I have nothing other than that. Great game, but believe what you want. 

Lol, guess I forgot that. Could you tell me which 5 you got? Then I can probably give a hint for you (if you wanted to try again. Also if you didn’t see my note I suggest only getting the dice or sword since if you have both you only get the dice ending (I wanted to make a system to make you decide but was down on time)

ah cool!

I tried to play as far as I could until I got stuck being unable to use the medkit. The story was pretty good, but the graphics were a bit of a mishmash and didn't fit well together. The character was also quite slow, which made it a tad painful to get around. The system seems rudimentary, and I suspect you used some form of engine, but overall it isn't too bad. The items given by different people seem very random as well. Besides that, it is an alright concept!

I spent a long while trying to beat it (I was tired, and the puzzles are very difficult) Until I accidentally backed out of the tab and lost all my progress. It is a cool game, with a neat concept. I am too tired to come up with much more lol

I got close to the end, but was unable to beat the boss. Fighting was very difficult for me (I felt like the character froze too long making it impossible to avoid attacks). But everything else was great, not too much character building, but a bit of story building. Overall nice game!

Amazing game! I love how the game is almost a troll as you can just not talk to sandy and win instantly. I never did manage to give the pilot the drink myself (if it is possible). Very fun, and funny game. 

Good dark narrative, I enjoyed going through it. The art was a bit weird at times, and the audio design was sometimes questionable, but that doesn't take away from it much. It was a story that felt real and was conveyed well.

If I had more experience in this style of adventure game, I probably would have expanded on the story a bit more. I also as I mentioned places didn't use my time well (wasted a lot of time by doing other things)

Sorry I was unable to get very far. The game crashed after trying to leave the drinks menu. I am unsure if there is a downloadable version, but I was playing on web. The story was weird, but interesting, and I wish I could have finished it. There may be a few movement issues, but hard to track down exactly what or recreate it, but when I moved on a bunch of titles eventually the character did some weird movement and then went to the last tile.

Yeah, if I had managed time better, I could have made a system for interactable objects that was much better. In the end objects that weren't permanently interactable or disappear often didn't get a marker.  So, a system to create and remove markers would have been far better for them if I had managed time to give me time to do that.

Ah, thanks! I know I am not the greatest streamer so that is nice to hear lol

Alright I played it, but the game was too hard for me lol. And I kept forgetting to save meaning I would have to go back when I died. Maybe some kind of auto save feature? Other than that and some visual and camera wonkiness. This game was cool!