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I was able to beat one level... the ice one. That was all. This game feels like it is made for the best pong players in the world, that also like adventure games? The art style and level menu kinda reminds me of a previous adventure jam game I did called ball questing. Could use some work, but is a pretty cool idea!

I didn't really get the second, and third watch riddle. No idea if I answered things correctly either, but this was really good. I know the name and raven with the name is a reference to a piece of literature, but I don't remember which. Thanks for making this cool game! 

Thank you very much! I have heard of weird core, but I don’t know much about it.

The web version didn't work in my browser saying "Your browser doesn't support WebGl" no idea why yours bugged out for me, sadly I am not downloading games for the game jam meaning I am unable to play your game.

I played the game a bit, but I really had no clue what I was doing. I ended up leaving the game running to come back to it, and the game was glitched(Don't worry this probably has nothing to do with your programming). The concept is cool, I just don't have much grasp in actually playing it.

Any tips on how I can make better games in the future?

I accidentally parked the Zeppali(Probably misspelled it sorry) to close to the Observatory and made it impossible to progress. So, I was unable to complete it! Which is sad because this is a really cool game, kinda hard to understand though. You don't give yourself enough credit with the art it is actually pretty good. Really the game just needs some more explanation to it, and it is golden. 

Absolutely amazing game! I will say it was a bit hard to select the farm tile you wanted, besides that and the bugs at the bottom of this comment, I don't have any complaints or anything I would improve. The game works wonderfully. Nice story, characters, and setting!

here is a bug I saw (It happened again with Indah at the start of act 3): *Picture wasn't allowed :(*

I don't have a picture, but act 4 let me open the shop on day 1 at least and I don't think I was supposed to since it was kinda buggy. I also at the end glitched into the water tree screen, I could go back and still end the game though.

Oh well, hope you can finish the game in the future! I will give a rating according to what you have given me, but don't take it as a hard rating since the game is unfinished

Nice idea, text adventures are cool, but I got myself stuck in the end! I won't be rating due to this sadly

I think I got myself stuck, oh well the idea is cool!

I have no words, but wow. Also, Agatha's voice sounded familiar. There really isn't anything I would change about this game. Just good job! I have no idea how you did this in 2 weeks lol

I am sorry. The number is just the room number, opening different doors take you to different numbers. The goal of course being to get to the bed. The game slowly distorts as you lose everything, this being primarily your memories. The notes distorted shows this fact as everytime you sleep you lose more of the note. The only interactables in the game are the doors, notes, pictures(there is only one found after a puzzle), boxes, trapdoors, and of course the bed. The story due to its premise is made to be formed from you implicitly putting stuff together instead of explicit information. I thought the gameplay was pretty clear, but I guess not for everyone. Again sorry

Thanks! Graphics have been something I have been struggling to get down for awhile, atleast this time I didn't use every color under the sun!

Come out with your hands up, this is a remix of a scratch game by the name of Super Mike World. You remixed, and ported it to, which, although impressive I think doesn't count for this jam.

I have been walking *heavy breathing* for 20 years *heavy breathing* to try and find *heavy breathing* something, anything. All I have got *heavy breathing* is a hopping leg and *heavy breathing* projectiles continuously hurtled at me. When will I find an end *heavy breathing* to this merciless exercise. Is there hope?

Oh cool game idea btw, Just needs some more added lol

I think I tried, but it is kinda hard to give things, so I never know if it actually tried it, or just didn't work

welp I got a teddy bear too this time, but not much else

Wow this game was great! I am not sure if I missed anything, but overall was short and sweet. The way you start talking to the person could be made a little easier to understand. It would also be nice if more of the things were interactable like the wood and candles in lost. But hope you had fun making the game!

Ah ok, I will look back into it

The idea was pretty cool (I feel like I say this everytime lol), but the game was cut off so I couldn't see everything. I also had no idea how to beat the first stage, I could get one guy on the second floor, but the other guy was stuck on the bottom, and I need them both to go to the third floor. I guess I was just confused. You could also do good with some screenshots and an icon! Have fun continuing to make games!

The idea was pretty cool, but I struggled so hard playing I made no progress! The game could use some polishing and tutorials besides that the game is pretty decent

The game was a bit hard for me, and I couldn't really find anything interesting. This game concept can go pretty far though!

The game is interesting and with some work could even better bring out the concept! The terrain looks off as it is blurred. The first time I played I didn't realize full screen cuts off some of the game so I was a bit confused. Also the game kinda needs a button to restart an area because on occasion you can get stuck off screen. I am not sure what the significance of the two carrots were(I was only able to get 1). I am sorry if I missed some of the story. The hitboxes could use some polishing, but for a first game it is pretty good. Generally you just need to polish it up

Thank you very much! I hope to make more games like this in the future. If there is anything you think I could improve, please let me know.

It was a nice funny game. The way you described things reminded me of a skits channel I like on YouTube. The puzzles, and mini games were pretty cool too. If I was to say something to improve maybe add more importance to the overall theme of time passing since it didn't seem to matter much in the end (Of course you seem to set up for a sequel, so that may tie it together more.). I also wanted to go in the house!

when I tried to play it, a small window with a loading bar and a unity icon appeared for a second and then closed never opening the game.

Very fair. I would worried about the game being boring when I made it. It needs something more to it, but I also didn’t end up getting much time to work on it, so I am just glad I got the main concept in there.

Couldn't get it to work sadly

Real nice game. Was a tad bit too hard for me though lol. This game along with a lot of games I have seen seem like a stretch to try and explain how they managed to fit the theme, at this point I am starting to doubt if anything else exists, but either way it is cool and I haven't seen anything quite like this so far.

Liked the game real well, that is the little I saw.  I couldn't get past the first level because it made me rage a tad bit too much. The game is a bit hard on the first level. Also please make the game not in dev mode I had to close this log a whole bunch. Liked the art. Isn't too unique of a concept sadly. Great game though especially with some work!

Big oof, you did very well though!

In browser it is impossible to see the full screen, and the controls were a tad bit weird. Wasn't really the best application of the theme and the game was too hard for me to play. The graphics could use work too.  If you kinda cut off from the whole game jam thing and work on graphics, making the game function, controls, and maybe some music this could be a cool game.

Functions kinda strangely and doesn't fit the theme. It is so simple there is not much to say about this game, it is a genera I haven't see yet though.

I figured it out

I was actually able to get in contact with them in discord. In the end it was a misunderstanding, they didn't get that putting the same short comment asking for people to rate their game on a bunch of games was a huge red flag. They do genuinely rate the games.

The gameplay was great and I loved the concept. I don't feel it met the theme all that well, but it was pretty unique none the less. The audio was a bit weird in my opinion, and I feel the game could use an in game tutorial. The guys did frustrate me at times with them running away, and I got lost a couple times lol, but that didn't take from the game all that much. Hope to see some fixing up in the future!

What are the controls kind sir (Or ma'am).

Pretty good game. I couldn't understand the voices though, so I was unable to get past the door.  I did open the safe and opened a window. For the browser version there needs to be an alternate way to close the windows since esc sends you off the game. Not much fixing needed for this to be a really good game. To fix the thing with not hearing the voices maybe put subtitles in(I know they are a big pain) with it saying voice 1, 2, 3 or whatever.