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Lovecraftian Cooking Simulator
Submitted by Nowis-337 (@Nowis_337) — 1 day, 17 hours before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Asset Usage#34.4444.444
The Theme#54.0004.000
The Story#63.6673.667

Ranked from 18 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Dude, Nowis, you served up a fantastic dish that had me cleaning my plate and asking for seconds!

This game appears to be a further refinement of the "look at the manual" mechanic from Mana-Tech Armor Simulator, and I gotta say, it's a big improvement. I did need to keep referring back to the recipe, but I didn't need to keep it open *all* the time, and after a couple of tries with some of the commands I got the hang of it. I eventually memorized the commands for regaining sanity and dispatching the horrors.

Game flow was pretty good, too. I like how you have to keep an eye out for intruding horrors while you prepare your crazy entrée. It was easy to control and was surprisingly challenging as the game progressed.

I'm not sure how the ending was supposed to tie into what we were doing during the game, but this is Cthulu we're talking about, so it may just be too much for my mortal mind to comprehend.

The art is amazing and I wouldn't be able to tell this was made in RPG Maker if I didn't know better.

This game is well-done, just the way I like it!


Thanks! That ending is some weird idea along the lines of to Cthulhu, all this ritual and communication is just some error message to him and casually alt f4s to destroy the world.... probably can be up to interpretation!


Amazing entry! Theme was spot on, and the presentation is flawless. I've been following your work in other jams and was hoping you would enter this one as I always enjoy seeing what creative ideas you come up with.


Thanks! I really enjoyed your entry too with its atmosphere and cool first-person combat!


Fun, simple, on point for the theme. Your creativity never disappoints Nowis! I did realize after playing this that it has some surprising parallels to Mana-Tech Armor Simulator, which made me happy.

The narrative throughout shows an understanding of Lovecraftian themed stories. Appeal to classic terms like the "Cyclopean" and "non-Euclidean" foods were an amazing touch, and well appreciated by those who know the genre. It was close, sooo close to capturing Lovecraft's writing style in the narrative .

It did feel a bit silly at times (like the tongue in cheek title, Cosmic Horror internet searching), and I'm not totally sure how well that fit in with the general tone of the game. My gut tells me that if you had made this a straight up Lovecraftian Horror recipe game, it might have nailed the theme even better, but regardless of everything, this was an impressive game that really sets the standard for a game jam entry.


Haha it is a reimplementation of that mana-tech enter code system, but this time learning to write plugin functions for it instead.

Definitely a lot of silly elements, it may or may not be another Harold game...


An exemplary entry in terms of visual consistency, thematic cohesion and conveyance of the terrors of the cosmos while putting a unique spin in terms of its gameplay. Hoping your entry becomes the winning piece for this jam. Great work.


Thanks! Glad you enjoyed this one too :D


Just played this and wooow! :O <3 This was so fun! I'm not usually fond of cooking games, but this was really fun for me! Mixed in with the creepy atmosphere while you're cooking, maintaining sanity points, and making sure no creature gets near you via chants! It was all epicly done! The custom arts never fail to amaze me as always from Nowis!! All the detail with the presentation was just... WoW!! <3 The ending was also quite tragic and really cosmic-horror inducing with how it went. xD :D Overall, this was a fun experience! The music and sound design was also really good! Great job to the dev!! <3


Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it :)