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I played tested this during its beta phase, and I enjoyed seeing all the improvements and the new anomalies xD :D <3 As always, a very fun and cute game that leaves you becoming more aware of the surroundings and having that excitement and tension of hopefully getting thru the room without missing an anomaly :D I also enjoyed the cuteee pixel sprites so much! I want a plushie of 'em xD :D <3 But yeahhh! A very fun entry by BabeElena! Best wishes on the jam! ^^

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Omgggg! I was so excited when I saw two amazing artists & dev made a collab project for this jam! So DL'd and played immediately, and oh myyy! Immediately loved all the arts, the VN system, so much cool custom stuff graphics-wise <3 And the investigation, the trial testimonies, and the characters were so fun! I especially loved the defendant she's so funny xD :D And ohhhh! That twist at the end hihih! Love it! Such a great entry by Berry and HoneyNut! <3 Best wishes on the jam! ^_^

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Hi! I'm having trouble unlocking the achievements when I test the build on Steam. I already put the unlock achievement plugin command in the game, but when I test it on Steam, no achievement gets unlocked, and no pop-up of achievement unlocked. Please help. Thank you so much!

PS: I'm trying to test the achievements privately while the Store page is awaiting approval. Maybe this is also a factor?

Thank you so much again KV' It means a lot ☺️❤️🙏

Thank you :)

Hi! These assets are lovely!

What are your terms for this pack and are they free for commercial use? Thanks so much! :)

Awww thanks so much as well! ^^ <3

Hi phoenixianheart, sadly I haven't tested the game on launcher yet, but I'll let you know if I have figured something out. Thank you for checking! ^_^

Thank you so much for playing and for the feedback, Zombie! ^^ <3 I'm happy you enjoyed the game! :D And yep, I guess I did learn this was never meant to be a game shorter than 20 minutes. xD :D <3 Thanks so much again! :)

Hi Zombie, I played the entry, and I love the innovation of making it into a sort of "Choose your own adventure" type game, you also deviated from the usual RPG maker gameplay, so kudos on making a unique system for your first game! :D Though I think what can be improved is the padding. It could use some speed-up, or maybe allow the players to click thru the dialogue so they can choose to move forward once they read the words. A lot of the dialogues aren't skippable, and it starts out very slow. Some may find the stock assets out of place, but I feel they do fit in this aesthetic and theme you're going for. Great job! And keep making games! :D <3

I love how well you've captured the holiday spirit in these gorgeous intro maps! :D THe premise was super fun, with Harold being captured by a naughty kid and having him survive through a series of puzzles. The puzzles were very creative, and I had to do it well before the timer ended. I found some of them very challenging, but they were very fun to play. Overall, a g reat entry, amazing job! :D

Really fun puzzles and mini-games! The narration also added some flavor to the story! :D Really cute premise and I love the idea of deciding for Christopher is he'll be on the nice or naughty list. :D <3 Of course, we wanted to give him presents so I played the nice route. :D Got 20 points, so I don't know if that's a win lol. Very great job for this nice entry! (PS: Thank you also for giving me and Berry permission to have your character in Heroes of the Seasons soon)

As a tester of this game, I truly enjoyed this entry! <3 It was indeed such an experience! I sooo love the gorgeous CG arts, accompanied by an effective story-telling that didn't need dialogues, but sent the message across! The clicker battle system was very fun and I was at the edge of my sit on some part of the boss battles! Story was very emotional as well! <3 This is truly a testament of Berry's talents in conveying a story with gorgeous arts along with a fun battle system! Amazing job!! <3

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Hi Slaughty and wow! Thank you so much for playing the game and for giving a very detailed review! I am sooo excited to watch your playthrough as well! ^^ <3 And im glad you mentioned the game could use challenge, since this will be worked upon after the jam with more unlockable characters & more challenging modes. ^^ Anyway, Im so happy you enjoyed this short demo for what it is <3 Thank you so much once again Slaughty! Merry Christmas' <3

Hello Ilmania and wow that's awesome you got Mikaye in full burning-everything gear, love it xD :D <3 Thanks so much once again for playing and I'm so happy you enjoyed! <3 ^^

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You're welcome and I'm looking forward ilmania ^^ And omg xD I mean, she's a witch, so maybe burning debts isn't far from her talents. xD <3

Hi windryder and wow thank you so much for the kind words and for playing the game I'm very happy you enjoyed the game and its replayability. ^_^ <3 Grateful for this jam that gave me this opportunity to create something like this. ^^

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I find this to be challenging tbh, getting those gifts inside the chimneys esp. when I try to get high to get the gifts as well, but it was very fun getting through it after 12000 tries xDD (Don't mind me, I have terrible reflex) But yes, a very fun entry and the pixel arts are nice. Very unique challenges for a Christmas adventure. Great job <3

This was a charming entry with many fun puzzles and adventurous moments (Quick time events, etc.) I love the attention to detail on the environment and how players interact with them. The backstory about her family was also a cool touch. :D I guess I wish I saw more Christmas stuff in there aside from the snow, but overall this was very well made. Great job! <3

The battle system is really fun, and the graphics with the maps and animations are gorgeous! :D I truly enjoyed the Christmas spirit in this entry while battling my way to the mobs. Very good job! <3

That's okay, I think you did well with this entry, and the crafting/collecting mechanic was enjoyable for what it was. :) I'm sure you did your best with the theme, and you managed to have Christmas in your game in the end. :D

This is a very nicely implemented crafting system, and I enjoyed collecting materials and unlocking different places to allow more toy-making. Though, I had same sentiments with windryder, in that I was looking for more Christmas spirit in there, as it is, the atmosphere or "aura" of the game kinda felt too Fantasy-ish RPG with a lil bit of Christmas to me. Overall, this is a fun game for people who enjoys grinding and crafting. Very good job! <3

This was a very fun and sweet game with some simple yet nicely implemented puzzle mechanics, and I love the usage of Spark as a spell to make the generators run again. That reindeer scene was also quite funny and cool to see. Silly Harold reading Santa is "Satan" too xDD Overall this is a very fun and cute entry. Amazing job! <3

The coloring-book styled arts are super cute and I really love the idea of shopping presents for your friends. I assume each item would have different endings, and I'm glad I got the good end. (Yay! Everyone liked the present I bought 'em!) Very fun and cute entry! Great job! <3

Awww, I love the story and artwork of this game. The music is also my jam. I really enjoyed seeing the MC slowly take liking to Christmas thanks to the cheery girl that helped him see the positivity of the holidays. I really thought it was going to be a sad ending, and I'm glad it wasn't. xD The sleigh riding mini-game was fun as well as the walking thru thin ice mini-game. Overall very fun and cute entry with a touching storyline. <3

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Very cute game. I enjoyed the battles the same when I played it the first time to test. Santa Claws is such a fun cute character and I adore the computer-controlled party members (Elves) and their passives. I got both the good and bad ending. Great job once again for this cute entry with fun boss battles :D <3

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Love the side-scroller movement implemented in this game! :D Very nostalgic feeling and it's honestly challenging jumping across some of the platforms. But this is a fun little treat for the Christmas Jam, great job! ^_^ <3

Thanks so much once again for playing the nerd mansion! It's greatly appreciated! ^^ <3

Hello NotVerySoft, and it's still currently in development! ^_^ But I will do my best to have a completed version up soon for everyone to hopefully enjoy! <3 Stay tuned and thank you so much! <3

Ahh okay. Thanks for the info! And I can see what you mean with itch exclusive buys. 🥹 Hopefully in the future I can get this pack here.🙏

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Hi Seraph Circle! I love your packs, but the Monster Pack 2 I bought was from steam. Is it still possible to get the deluxe version via steam? Thanks so much!! <3 It'd be shame if I missed out on those gorgeous new battlers for the deluxe version. x( I do have both packs on steam. Pack 1 and 2. :D

Hello NotVerySoft! This is about 2 hrs. of game time! ^_^ <3 Thank you so much for checking out!

Hi Rose_Guardian! This was a nice little entry, short but sweet! As usual, I always enjoy your art style! And I think it was kinda funny and cute that harold got kidnapped effortlessly by a slime! XD :D But yeah, other than that, this is an effective entry for this jam, so great job Rose and congrats on finishing your entry! :D <3

I really enjoyed this entry! The pixel art style for the characters and battlers was amazingly done! I never thought the Rm2k3 and Time Fantasy assets would merge so well in an MZ game! I also love the usage of animations and action sequencing that made it fun to look at! Btw, I love that we can swim on the water! Yay! :D

The battles were fun and very versatile depending on the characters you choose to partner with! I especially love how we can unlock a combo input system when partnering with Michelle! Everything else in the game works well as it is like crafting.

Story was fun and has a good pace to follow. I love each of the unique worlds from different party members! I am mostly fond of the alien ship world as we get to see a glimpse of some futuristic stuff in a pixel world! 

Overall, this was a fun retro pixel-style experience but modernized with some smooth animations and mechanics! Amazing job, mooglerampage and congrats on finishing this entry! <3

Omg! Those are some epic action sequencing! I sooo love how it's like a short-film of the sexy lucius beatboxing & heroically ending the boss. xDD He's a one-man team at this point lol! xD But yeah! That was pretty epic! <3 Amazing job Human!! <3

This was funny and cute xD :D I love the outcomes! Super bizarre & wild xD :D <3 Harold Guinea pig deserves to find true love! <3

Ohh that's great to hear Chromaji! ^_^ <3 And this was great for what you've made in the time limit, and those are only minor issues I end up overlooking due to the fun experience the demo brought overall! :D so amazing job once again! ^_^