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Thank you so much Mr. Knightly! <3 ^_^ I already have the planned release for late August soon! :D Hope you will enjoy it!! <3

I played the demo Rose and wow, I love what you did with the Tactical battle system! Very Fire-Emblem-ish and I love that! <3 Also, the mechs twist is amazing, which also reminds me of Vanguard Bandits from PS1! :D This has great potential Rose! Keep up the great work! Your arts also keep improving! ^_^

Wow! This looks so good Rose! <3 ^_^ Love it! Gonna give this a try! :D

OMG! Hello Kokoro!! :D <3 So great to see you again!! How are you? :D And yes!! An update haha! :D Thanks so much! :) ^_^ Btw, I have got to keep up with all the awesome stuff you have put out! :D

Your game is pure gorgeous! :D <3 I love the custom arts and sprites! :D gonna keep my eye on this for sure! ^_^

Thank you so much! I am looking forward to finishing it too! XD :D

Thank you so much pdkmusic! ^_^ :D I would be happy to give you the credit for these wonderful tracks! ^_^ :) I'll let you know when I finish my game finally. :D Thanks so much once again! Keep up the great work! ^_^ 

Hello! This music pack is amazing! :D Great job and  I love sci-fi and those games that you mentioned! ^_^ btw, I'm currently developing a sci-fi commercial RPG, and I thought to ask your permission if you would be fine if I use some of these songs in a commercial game? Thanks so much! :D

This is the project I am currently working with btw:

Hahah yup!! XD :D :) Keep 'em coming, Tofu Sheets Visual! :D XDD

Okay, so I played this game earlier today... And what a MASTERPIECE! XD :D Hahahah! XD Everything's going in randomly strange ways that made it really charming lol xD :D The characters were interesting because their names are merely descriptions of how they behave or what they are (guy you can't see? Lol!)!

It's really short, but was worth the while and I had a good chuckle here and there xD :D But yeah, the arts used were nice, and the randomness of the overall plot is part of its' charm! XD :D Love it! XD :D

And oh my! I'm truly happy for you, Kokoro, that you're feeling good to be active in game deving again and releasing what you can with your older projects! ^_^ :D Really awesome to see! :D Keep 'em up!!

Ahahaha! I don't mind ridiculous as long as it gives me a good chuckle! ;) XDD

Ohhh Nice! :D XDD I shall try this game tomorrow as well and leave feedback once I'm done! ;)

Ohhh! This looks awesome, Kokoro! :D Is this a finished project? :O

Of course!! ^_^ :D Great job with 'em indeed! :D

I just finished playing it!! ^_^ <3 And it was one of the most beautiful and touching games I've ever played! :o

I don't wish to spoil too much, but I must really say, that Van's predicament was really well presented and it allowed me as a player to fully empathize with her sadness and loneliness, and it was the same when Van found someone who can be a friend to her and share with her some joy, fun and comfort. ^_^

I don't wanna be redundant, but again, I really love the artworks and CGI made for the game <3 ^_^ The VA's as well are just as good in delivering the right emotion every time! :D 

Overall, this was a very sweet short experience that left something emotionally memorable for me to ponder on. So great job on that, Tofu Sheets Visual! <3 :D I really loved it!

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Alright! So I DL'd it already, and am playing it tomorrow when I wake up! ^_^ :) I'll leave a feedback once I'm done!

I really love the artworks and the story seems sweet!! <3

This looks awesome, ROse!!! :O I love the character arts and battlers! ^_^ Nice that you're working on the 3rd title now! :) 

Oh my! I understand, Thomas. :) Thats okay. You have a great project to come back to. So just take your time! ^_^

Hi Thomas!!! How's it going?! ^_^ :) And thank you so much! :D

Of course, Hyblitz! ^_^ And no worries about it! ;) XD The game just caught my eye due to its amazing concept and arts! <3 ^_^ 

This game is so gorgeous, Hyblitz! ^_^ :) Love it! Gonna give the demo a try. :)

Yay!! Gonna give this one a try! XD :) Great job, Chibi! :D

Hi Rose! I played this game and finished the demo! xD :) (Or was it the already the ending?) I really enjoyed it! XD :) Your artworks are always nice to see! :D I kinda feel like using Magic attacks are more effective than using any physical skills at all. xD :) But yeah, the plot was interesting and intriguing! :) Keep it up, Rose! :D

Hello YouFulca! First off, I wish to thank you for all your amazing music! ^_^ And I would so so love to buy your new packs! But do you have any steam version available for them? Cause I can only purchase via steam right now :( X(

Hi Stavros Skamagkis!! ^_^ Once again, thanks so much for your kind words and feedback! :) Indeed, the side-view battle of the FF series has always been a great influence for RPGs! ^_^ :) 

Thanks so much TWings! I'm glad you liked it! ^_^ And yeah, haha, the boss can be quite tough! :D

You're very welcome! ;) Keep it up! :)

This is a very cool take on the classic mobile game that I really enjoyed!! :) Great job Stavros! :)

Wow!! Thanks a lot for your kind words, Stavros!! ^_^ I'm very glad you liked my RPGs! That means a lot! :) And yeah, Once Upon the Woods is indeed a high fantasy styled remake of the fairy tale that we all knew and loved when we were children! XD :)

Hmm, really? :O Wait, I haven't checked that yet lol!! XDD I'm so stupid! I haven't realized ti'll now! xDD Thanks Stavros!! XDD

You're welcome po! :) Likewise, I followed you ;)

Hi TheWorldOfCM! Thank you so much! ^_^ I'm glad you liked 'em!! :) Ikaw din po, mabuhay sa mga RPG maker development mo! :) 

I understand Stavros. :) Thanks also, at least this helps for more other people who prefers to download directly from ^_^. Hope you enjoy the demo! :)

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Hi Stavros Skamagkis! Hmm, I'll upload a direct link mirror to it then! ^_^ The reason I mainly use media-fire though is so that I can keep track of the DL numbers. :)

But yeah, I'll have an link up right now. :) Thanks so much for checking out! ^_^


Done uploading the direct link for the demo! ^^

This game really gave me the creeps and shivers! :O Really well designed and concept could fit into a full fledged horror game! ^_^ Also, it's nice to see a kababayan here!! ^_^ :) Keep it up!! ^_^

This was a really funny and cute game that felt like a dating sim haha xDD :) I got some of the bad endings and had a good chuckle xDD The interactions between the 2 chars was really funny and sweet xDD :)