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Thanks so much! I can't believe my game did so well. Hopefully there's still a chance at the other prizes but I'm happy just to have come this far. I really appreciate your support SJWebster, and thankyou everyone that played and rated my game, it means the world to me.

Thanks for the feedback! 

You can actually talk to the homeless guy again after paying the 100 creds to go on a  mini quest involving the cat with a reward at the end. The flashing graffiti on the walls are places where you can actually tag yourself, I think I will add a cut scene that explains that later as no one else who played it tried to interact with it either. I think you're the first person to actually tried looting the car though.

The idea behind the character walking was to encourage the player to use the motorcycle for travel but I think I might add another walking speed that's somewhere in between.

 About the doors, I think I will add some indicators to show which ones can be entered, thanks for bringing that up, it never crossed my mind. The reason the 2 stores have text is because you were supposed to be able to enter them but I didn't have time to finish the assets in time for the deadline.  

I'm not sure what's causing the black box for the police mech, no one else that's played through has had that problem, I will have to look into that as well as the slower animations. 

Thanks again for the review, it was really useful :)

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As others mentioned, it was pretty short and it was hard to get a grasp on what was going on. From the dialogue in the game, I gathered that you ran out of time to add things like an intro but a few lines explaining a bit more about the story would've been nice.

The robbery encounter was pretty cool and a nice way to introduce the player to combat. I was having some trouble understanding why giant bugs were trying to kill me though. The combat system was pretty simple in the demo but I can see it becoming fun with some more skills, plus I found the idea of a princess going around town kicking ass, pretty funny.

The townspeople could have had better dialogue as you don't really learn anything from them, you could've used them to explain a bit about the lore and world they live in.

I think I can see what you were going for with this game and if you stick with it you could make something really cool out of it.

Good luck :)

Thanks a lot Atlas! I'm a big fan of your game, Magical disaster X, too!

Thanks for the sweet playthrough and excellent feedback. This is actually a prequel to my main project DemonCyber, I'd love to continue this story as there is a lot more I had planned to tell, but even if I don't you can rest assured that there is a lot more cooler stuff in the main game!

Really enjoyed this from start to finish. The characters were really well done and the dialogue was hilarious. Would love to see more. 

This is incredible! The retro art style and chiptune music compliment each other perfectly, i really felt like i was back on my Sega Master System. 

Thanks for checking it out :)

More great music?

My kinda guy XD

Glad you enjoyed it:)

Got my ass handed to me by the bandit boss haha.  Really enjoyable game, I liked the music too, especially the boss theme. Also, Cyan is everything, I love her.

Really enjoyed playing this. The pixel style graphics are great and the music really compliments them, brings back lots of nostalgic feels. The main character is really intriguing and badass, makes me want to know more about him and how he ended up where he is. Good luck:)

Thanks a lot mate! You too!

Yanfly's action sequence plugins don't work in front view, so you're right in that regard. I guess some people could consider the animations and enemy sprites as action sequencing since they achieve the same effect. But yeah, there's no actual action sequence plugin being used.


Smooth animations, you speeded them up? Sequences were nice, would've liked to see a couple more skills though.

Kept thinking I missed something. What you had to show was pretty cool, could've been a bit longer though.

I liked the transformations and you had some nice skills too. The fight kinda dragged a bit at the end though.

Really cool sequence. Good animations too.

Thank you, that means a lot to me.

Nailed Drifty

Funny dialogue. It made me laugh:)

probably the best action sequencing you will ever see 

Cool sfx and music

The ending cracks me up man

Very cinematic, I liked it.