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Fame & Fortune Await at HawkZombie's 3rd Annual Game Jam!!

The Theme for this year is:


...Which, if we're being honest, is just a fancy way of saying: Cosmic Horror.

Welcome to the third annual HAWKTOBER Game Jam, hosted by HawkZombie (through UAP)! For the theme this year, I've decided on something a little more...out there. The great thing about this theme? It does NOT have to be science fiction! Fantasy and modern-day settings are both welcome and encouraged.

This is more about the strange unknown. Creatures or beings of cosmic levels that humans can scarcely understand or comprehend. Their motives are beyond us, and they exist on another plane far beyond the puny mortals that scuttle about beneath them. Or perhaps it is some extraterrestrial entity that crash lands onto the planet; it's only thought is survival and procreation. Maybe a cult seeks to raise a dark god from its slumber, and even they cannot fathom what it truly is.

The theme can be loosely interpreted, but the main core of it should be something originating from or of the cosmos/universe. Lovecraftian mythos, creatures like The Thing...hell, even angels and demons (Hellraiser, anyone?) are all fair game for this theme. Just make sure your game clearly has something grander and beyond what mere mortals are capable of.

Honestly, this is exactly why I picked this theme. There's nothing more unsettling than the unknown. And the unknown from space? That's fear ramped to eleven.

So good luck, and no matter what: always look to the skies. You never know when they'll arrive.


  1. Your Game MUST utilize some form of the theme. This is highly open to interpretation, and creative and unique use of the theme is highly encouraged!
    1. The theme will be fully released on Sept. 27th.
    2. Up to the full release I will be releasing small hints on this page that will reveal the theme. Check back often!
  2. Your game can be made with any engine, and use any assets. However, please do NOT use any ripped/copies game sprites, or copy-written music. PC/WINDOWS GAMES ONLY, PLEASE!
  3. No fan games. Your entry should be 100% original and/or based on your own worlds and lore.
  4. The length of the game must be be at least 10 minutes, and not more than 60 minutes.
    1. If your game is shorter, it will be disqualified. However, if your game is longer I (and the other judges) will ONLY judge it based on the first 60 minutes including cutscenes.
    2. Since I am live-streaming all the entries for the jam, I may play games longer, but again, will only judge on the first 60 minutes.
  5. All entries MUST be made during the submission period. 
    1. Previously made games will be disqualified and removed from the jam.
    2. Late entries will not be allowed for ANY reason.
  6. Lewd & Adult-themed games are allowed! However, please note the following:
    1. Games that violate the Twitch TOS will NOT be live-streamed, but will still be judged and open to public voting as well.
    2. If the developer wishes, a Twitch appropriate version can supplied for streaming. This can be done AFTER the submission period, but contact HawkZombie directly through Discord if you are going to do this.
    3. Your entry MUST be clearly marked as 'ADULTS ONLY' with a disclaimer of what sort of adult content is within (Sexual Intercourse, Hardcore Nudity, etc). Any games that are adult-themed (beyond violence and language) that do not clearly mark their content will be disqualified.
  7. Teams are allowed, and may be of any size, however only ONE person from the team will be awarded any winnings from the jam. All teams are expected to divide any winnings equally amongst themselves.


All submissions will both be open to public voting AND will be judged by a panel of judges including myself. If any entry does not run after the submission period has ended, it will be disqualified.

  1. The Theme
  2. The Story
  3. Gameplay
  4. Asset Usage

For a full explanation of these criteria, please view this Google Doc for the same information the judges will receive.


This year we have an amazing $428 CAD prize pool! Prize money will be paid through a direct person-to-person transfer through PayPal. In the event of a tie (identical final scores) the winner will be decided by whichever game has a higher rating in The Theme category. If both are still identical, then the winner will be decided by coin toss.

PLEASE NOTE: YOU CANNOT PLACE MORE THAN ONCE. IE: You cannot win Judge's Choice AND People's Choice.

If more prizes are added or donated, they will be added to this list up to the final submission time.

Should a winner be unable or unwilling to accept their prizes, an alternate winner (at HawkZombie's discretion) will be chosen.

JUDGE'S CHOICE - 1st Place

  • $132 COLD HARD CASH!

JUDGE'S CHOICE - 2nd Place



  • $132 COLD HARD CASH! 


  • $82 COLD HARD CASH! 

The Game Jam will run from 10am September 27th, to 11:59pm October 25th MDT.

Good Luck...


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