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A diagnostic tool for engineering work on UR-X-66 nuclear reactors.
Submitted by jrkirby — 1 hour, 13 minutes before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Bitness (is the game 1bit?)#34.6504.650
Use of Theme(s) (does the game have reflections, radioactivity, and/or dragons?)#34.0504.050

Ranked from 20 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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The music distortion was a niiiice touch.


Love how the music distorts when the temperature gets too high


I'm not sure if I got this right.

I ended up with either immediately melting down the whole thing (removing cores didn't help), or just leaving it there with some cores to slowly increase the incomes without any actual gameplay...

Interesting concept though!

Can be for sure extended with some more challenging options for the user.


Very interesting use of the theme! Was beginning to wonder if there was a purpose until the end of the day occurred. I would maybe suggest flipping the timer to give a countdown for the user to have an idea of how much time is left. 


I like the art style. The game was intuitive.  The audio was cool how it is in sinc with the heat of the blob. The game did not have much fun game play. Overall interesting game, good job, and keep it up!


I had a blast filling the chamber and watching it overheat. Fun concept :)


i didn't know what to expect till the end of the day happened. More elements, flesh this out and this is going places. Good job!


The first time the day ended and I got presented with the breakdown was a bit of a surprise! I was wondering how to make money. All-in-all a fun sim-lite :) I liked bringing things to near-meltdown and then bringing it back. My rods seemed to prefer the left side of the screen for some reason.

If fleshed out with more random events, and maybe an intractable desk (with switches, paper, etc) would be quite a fun short game!


Interesting little sim. I got about a week in before I decided to engineer a meltdown. Very stylish interface imho, but the music could have def been a longer loop. Great stuff, regardless; the line graph to  show output over time really surprised me, neat design choice.