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Sandeep Nambiar

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It took me a second, but when it clicked, I felt nice. Great game. I wish it had a little juice to go along with it. :)

My head hurts but I am having fun. Why cant I stop! haha. Great game!

Hard platformer! I had a blast trying to land myself on a ledge while watching the geiger counter. Great game!

The world looks really detailed, but very cluttered. I had a hard time figuring out what to do. 

Thank you for the feedback! The UI was a last minute addition, and a bad one at that :P The moving platforms is something I am still trying to figure out. It should have _just_ worked with rigidbody physics but apparently not.

Thank you for the feedback! The problem with chrome might be because I am using an alpha version of Unity. I'll investigate! Thanks!

This is a hard but fun game. I really liked it. Got to about 1-5 before rage quitting haha

This is my first time with pixel art! I am glad you liked it. And thank you for the advice! 

Slow bullet hell is best bullet hell! :) I couldn't make a lot of progress but I had fun! Good job!

This is hard! I'd recommend a greater change on successfully flapping. It feels too slow for what its trying to do. it isn't one bit though. Solid QWOP.

I made it to the reactor, but I died super quickly. I didn't have the courage to try again when I realized I have to start over. It looks beautiful! And good progression too, till you reach the reactor room. Good job!

i didn't know what to expect till the end of the day happened. More elements, flesh this out and this is going places. Good job!

Wow! This was fun. I didn't finish but i can really see the effort that went into this. Good job! 

I loved your artwork, especially the details, like the shooting stars in the sky. The game got really hard for me around the 2000 score mark. But overall, really really cool!

Really cool mechanic with the shooting and getting out of the way ;) and it all looks so pretty!

All i was thinking while trying to get the reflections right was... hm.. thats one way to tell a story. Good job! I wish i could move around faster though.

Kudos for the sound effects/music. I had a good chuckle.

It looks so beautiful! I took some time to understand how to not eat the radioactive ones, but once I did I could keep this up forever :) I would love to see some progression as well. Congrats on this gorgeous submission!

Oof the death animation is really cool. I had trouble hitting the enemies without getting hit. I guess i need some time. :) This is a beautiful game. Congrats on the submission!

Really cool mechanic with the shooting and getting out of the way ;) and it all looks so pretty!

I dont like shooting old men in the kneecaps! Jeez! Great game!