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A short climbing game with mirrors
Submitted by dewolen (@dewolen_)
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Use of Theme(s) (does the game have reflections, radioactivity, and/or dragons?)#113.7503.750
Bitness (is the game 1bit?)#174.4004.400

Ranked from 20 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Love the artstyle, smooth controls, great work!


This game looked fun from the screenshots. To bad I was not able to get it to run.


Couldn't get it to load; could be a compatibility issue since I use Safari. Alas.


Unfortunately, WebGL 2, which my game uses, is not supported on Safari by default. I've read that it can be enabled in the Experimental Features developer menu. Thank you for trying to play my game though :D


I tried enabling that feature and got the same error:

call_indirect to a null table entry (evaluating 'Module["asm"]["Hi"].apply(null,arguments)')

And enabling WebGL 2 broke every game that I'd already successfully played lmao. Dang. 


A very creative idea and very fun as well. The controls were smooth too. It could've used some audio but that's really my only complaint 


Very creative levels and the graphics were good (but hurt my eyes when the level moved)


As with the other 3D 1-bit games, the overly-complicated textures made it hard to distinguish certain surfaces, but it is definitely a tight platformer!

I couldn’t quite get my head around inverting controls for the mirror dude, but I’ll sink my teeth into this again soon.


Interesting game. I liked how only 1 of you has to stand on a platform.


Nice job! I had a lot of fun. I will comment though, I think you might have over detailed the level.

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

The player movement felt awesome! The  art was outstanding (It looked like a professional artist made it in a month). The theme relativity was great. The game was definitely one bit .The game looks like a puzzle game (When I first opened your game I thought it was a puzzle), and the game would be a great puzzle game. I do not quite understand the game play (Their is no point system).   Overall awesome job, very strong entry, and keep it up!

EDIT: Their was no audio for me.  (I do not know  if that is just my audio or if their was no audio in the game at all)


A quick recap of my gameplay... "You Fell" :D

Really great idea!

I will for sure try some more times. Well done! :)


Really cool with the 3D/2D graphics. I was confused several times haha.


My head hurts but I am having fun. Why cant I stop! haha. Great game!


Nice game dude!