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Making this official: The way the theme picking will be handled is I am going to pick 4 themes and then towards the end of Friday's stream, around the time the jam will be kicking off, I'll run a poll where viewers can vote on which of the 4 themes it should be.


If you want a little bit of input over the final theme (or you just want to see the theme announcement live), be watching the stream at around 1:30-2:00PM UK time on Friday!

Here's the link:

haha, thank you for the update. Might have saved me a frustrating hour of trying break my game on purpose.

There is a really solid concept here. The instructions were nice and clear, the gameplay was simple yet addictive (number go up goooood). The hand-drawn art style was giving a bit of Hidden Folks vibes and, honestly, I think with a little more "stuff" in the game world and maybe some penalty mechanic (like certain people you have to avoid) and this is a full fat ready-to-go game. Great work!

Thank you for the feedback and for playing! And thank you for letting me know about the player reset bug. It *could* be an issue with running under Linux as this is the first time I've heard about it, but I will try and recreate it when I get back to development.

Thanks again!

I'm a big fan of the vibe and aesthetic of this one. I don't know if Thomas Was Alone was any kind of inspiration here but I'm definitely getting those vibes (which is a positive thing imo).

The only major gripe I had was I could have used a clearer system for mining/building (or perhaps a bit more feedback for the player), but that's just a QoL thing, not a game-breaking problem.

I would love to see where you take this. Great work!

Thank you for the very kind words and for the feedback/bug reporting. I'm glad you enjoyed it! I played your game this morning, great work!

The look of this one really appealed to me. I come from the King's Quest/Hugo's House of Horrors era of gaming so I really dug it. It was all very nicely put together and achieved the vibe (I think) you werre going for. Spooky but fun. Unfortunately I didn't manage to finish the game, I kept getting caught by one of the floaty blob things in the hallway with the stairs >.<

As far as notes go, there isn't much that couldn't just be put down to the game jam (as in stuff that would probably have been sorted with more development time and testing). I'd have maybe used the W key instead of the up arrow, and possibly made it so the mouse controlled the up/down angle of the torch have the torch always face forward. I kept getting caught by blobs because I got near the edge of the room and my dude span around to face the mouse lol.

Excellent work though. Loads of potential, you should definitely keep working on this.

Ah that's a shame. At least you got something out of it though!

Thanks you for the kind words, I appreciate it! Do you have a game in the jam? I'd give it a play but I can't see one on your profile.

Thank you very much for playing and for the kind words. And thank you for the bug report!

The artwork on this is excellent and the music fits nicely with the art style. I ran into a few bugs but nothing that the other commenters haven't already talked about so I won't repeat them again. Great work!

Thank you so much for playing!

Super slick gameplay. The spaceship controls were smooth as butter and the jelly effect on the swarm/shield thing was satisfying to shoot away. Great work!

Thank you for the kind words, and playing the game!

Thank you for the wonderful comments, feels amazing to have the writing noticed. I thoroughly enjoyed your game as well!

Great art style (the car caught me offguard, was expecting a 2D sprite, very nice work) cool concept, smooth gameplay. I would say the world feels a little too big/empty, but you only had so much time to make the game. If you develop it further (and I think you should) maybe look at adding traffic and pedestrians to bring the world to life. Great entry, though, well done!

My guys, you fit SO much into this entry for only 2 weeks, amazing. All the little details like being able to wobble bottles and playing the piano syncing up with the music (which was great btw). Beyond that, the overall vibe really appealed to me. Sent me back to my old LucasArts point-n-click adventure game days (specifically Sam n Max comes to mind). Amazing work.

Thank you for the detailed feedback! Really appreciate it. That's all going in the notes :) Thank you for playing!

Nice player artwork, and some tricky character controller mechanics implemented. Dash and wall grab can be a real pain the behind to get working. The lighting effects are pretty sweet too. I'm a big fan of a bit of lore, so I liked that you got some story in there about the radiance. The only problem I had (and this isn't necessarily your game's fault, skill issues maybe), is I couldn't beat the damn thing lol. But I had fun trying. Great job!

This game is super relaxing. The player-determined pace of the game, the chill music, the hand-drawn art style. It all comes together really nicely. If you develop further it might be worth adding a "cozy" mode where there's no competition, and the player can just destress and plant shrooms. Great job!

Watching EXP play it was a bit nerve racking lol. Thank you for playing and for the kind words!

Great artwork, sound effects, smooth gameplay, simple loop. I have no notes. Great job!

Oh I was talking about gameplay mechanics more than artwork. You can tell a lot of work has gone into making it all so polished. That's not to say the art isn't nice.

Thanks for playing! Yeah the respawn time is a very common complaint, probably something I should think about changing lol. I just played your meme... I mean game too. Great work!

Haha, love it. I'm not sure how much sense it would make outside of the goblin community but I loved all the little references. Also the switch to XP wallpaper brought a nostalgic tear to my eye. Good job!

Thanks for this guys I'll put a little update on the game page because you're not the only ones who ran into this.

Thanks for the interest. Yeah I've seen a few comments to that effect. The problem does in fact appear to be that I RAR'd it rather than ZIPped it. Force of habit smh.

Thank you for playing and for the kind words. I know what you mean about the slopes. Unfortunately I ran out of time to fix it. Just played your game, great entry!

Great art work, especially for such a short period! The gameplay loop is solid, a nice little puzzle game. I feel like this could do really well as a mobile game if you decide to keep working on it. Amazing work!

I hear you. The shipped code for game has like 3-4 game mechanics that I set up and ran out of time to put into the levels D:

This was equal parts fun and funny. I don't know if you made the model of Christie during the jam but if you did, hats off to you, it's great! The shooting can feel a little stilted some times but nothing that couldn't be refined. Great job!

I love this! The bouncy animations, the draw-to-cast spell mechanic, running around like a madman setting fire to things. Also the juxtapositon of a magical wizard raiding a scientific laboratory was very fun. The artwork was great as well! Excellent work!

Thank you so much for the kind words! I enjoyed your entry as well.

Thank you for the feedback, and for letting me know about that key bug (would you believe that's the first bug I've been made aware of?). The respawn time thing is a common complaint so definitely something I'll be fixing. Thank you so much for the kind words.


Thank you for taking the time to reach out about the Linux build. I don't have a machine to test it on so I had no idea how that would go lol.

Thanks! And yeah, I've a had a couple of comments on the respawn time. Fortunately it's not a massive issue to fix. Totally agree on the spinning mechanic, I just ran out of time. I had half a dozen other mechanics coded that didn't even make into a level :(

Thanks again for playing and for the feedback!

That's some swinging tunes! This game is deceptive lol. Once I understood what I was doing I was like "well this can't be that hard". Then I spent a solid minute trying to figure out one of the levels lol. Great puzzle design, good artwork for a 2 week jam. I think this would make a great mobile game too.

Thank you, so kind! And thanks for the heads up about the links. I can't change my game files but I can change that!

Nice artwork, very cosy vibe. Had a few playthroughs before realising 10 minutes had flown by. Great work!