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Hi dominiauk, congratulations!

No, you're not being stupid, I thought there was a messaging platform on here but I was mistaken. No worries, I only needed to verify the dominiauk in Discord was actually you, and you've done that with this post. I'll contact you in Discord.

The jam is over!

You've all now got 7 days to play and rate the other entries. I'll be playing them over the next few days and there'll be a video on that before the end of the voting period. There were only 11 completed entries so as long as I can get your entry to play, you should be in the video.

That's all for now, but once again; congratulations on making a game!

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The theme of the jam will be revealed on YouTube here;

As soon as that video has aired (27 hours from the time of me posting this), the jam will be live!

Thanks! There was probably too much effort put into the presentation but glad to see it didn't go unnoticed.

Thanks for playing!

I'm a sucker for neon colouring. Combat was nice, controls were smooth. Good job!

A bit rough around the edges but I liked the pixel art style. Would benefit from some sound though. Still nice entry!

Nice graphics, cohesive ambience, smooth controls. Good entry.

As an overall experience, the big wide open spaces were a nice change from the more claustrophobic dungeons most of the rest of us went with. Whether it works or not is a different question. I think it could with some more work, but this is a solid start.

The look of the game is nice, though a bit of suspenseful sound would have helped. It feels a bit unfinished but what's there is good stuff.

I saw "neon" and got really excited to play it :(

The ambience of this one is nice and tense, controls are smooth. Would like to play more.

The tone and ambience of this game is spot on, and the story/combat felt new to me.

I like the art style and the character controller. It was a bit laggy for me but seemed to smooth out once I got out of the first room. Good entry!

The graphics in and movement in this game were slick! Great job.

As someone who also implemented a timer of sorts (not like yours but still) I liked that addition to the game. Graphics look good, combat is slick. Good entry.

I have the same thoughts as everyone about the "samey-ness" but that's been said. I love the dithering art style, with some more content and a bit more work on the sound design, this is a solid start to a good game.

I have the same thoughts as everyone about the "samey-ness" but that's been said. I love the dithering art style, with some more content and a bit more work on the sound design, this is a solid start to a good game.

Thank you for playing! Yeah Running Man was a heavy inspiration for this.

Running Man was exactly what we were going for lol. I'm glad you liked it, thanks for playing!

Thanks. There's an argument to be made that more effort could have gone into the gameplay and less into the crowd and intro... but I'm not making it!

Struggled a bit to get my bearings at first with the visuals but it was easier going once I did. Movement was solid, controls were fine. Good entry.

Very fun, nice old school art style, good music. Really enjoyed this one.

Interesting take! Microsoft took Minecraft into the world of dungeon crawlers so you took dungeon crawlers into the world of Minecraft lol. Everything worked nicely, satisfying mining mechanic. Could maybe have done with a bit longer between bill payment time but other than that I liked it.

Great concept, nice graphics, smooth controls. Really solid entry, one of my favourites.

Really interesting entry, and nailed the ambience; it was creepy as hell!

Love the sound design and art style. Controls very smooth, combat is satisfying. Good job!

Well the tagline didn't lie lol. Nice cohesive design, the graphics fit nicely with the sound. The foot step noise was perhaps a little harsh after a few minutes of walking around but great entry.

Top marks for originality haha. I feel like the dev behind this is basing things from person experience. Solid movement mechanics, combat style that felt unique to me (I'm quite new to the genre), looks good, good sound design. Love it.

I'm digging the GameBoy aesthetic, very nice. Controls felt solid and responsive, movement was nice and smooth. Really good entry.

I mean, the fact that you did this in Pico is worth a top 5 finish alone. Looks great, sounds great, plays great. Well done!

The art style is really nice and the sound design is superb. Would love to see where this goes if you keep working on it.

I'll admit it got a bit repetitive, but the art style on this one might be my favourite look from all the entries I've played so far. Would have benefitted greatly from some sound effects though, even simple ones. Looks great, nice, simple controls and smooth movement. Good work.

I like this. Very simple execution but executed perfectly. Cohesive art style, smooth controls and fun combat. Great entry.

I love the intro. Game looked great but I had a bit of trouble with the combat. The enemies seemed to always move to the side when they attacked and I couldn't click on them without moving. The aesthetic of the game is spot on tho. Good job.

It felt a little disjointed to me (though I suspect there's genre stuff here I'm not familiar with) but I liked the art style and there's certainly plenty of game here for a 7 day jam. Good work.