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Very cool! What engine did you use to make this?

My jam appeared in the calendar after about 3-4 days, I think.


Sorry if this question has been asked before, but I can’t seem to find a lot of troubleshooting documents for hosting game jams specifically.

Do game jams need to be “approved” by the moderators to appear in search/jam calendar?

Our jam ( doesn’t seem to come up anywhere on the site, even though we followed all guidelines and filled out everything we could.

Thanks for your time!

Neat Super Crate Box-like. I loved the customisation in the shop, and it would be neat is different skins would give you different abilities.

The controls felt a bit “floaty” at times, maybe it’s the gravity?

The post shader did ruin the 1-bit aesthetic a bit, in my opinion.

As with the other 3D 1-bit games, the overly-complicated textures made it hard to distinguish certain surfaces, but it is definitely a tight platformer!

I couldn’t quite get my head around inverting controls for the mirror dude, but I’ll sink my teeth into this again soon.

The collision system is semi-purposeful the way it is. Obstacles aren't really meant to be "hard" as such, much like a real ship can get through some rocks with a few scratches. We wanted to replicate that somewhat. 

Haha, I had a blast recording the sound effects for this. 

I didn't consider the DS, but I think it would be a very natural fit! 

Yeah, the controls need some getting used to. It detects on hits from "the top" to try to mimick a real drums. 

Thanks for the kind words :) 

You can pause the game using the escape key. Sorry, I don't think it's mentioned anywhere.

Tight parkour fun. The camera was a bit janky and the mono-palette made it a bit hard to distinguish where I was supposed to go next, but I managed to beat all 3 levels after some trial-and-error. Fun!

Absolutely fantastic title! Reminds me of an old gameboy title both in terms of aesthetics and how hard/frustrating it is at times!

Dig the palette and the execution!

Definitely making full use of all the theme options :)

Beautiful and simple runner.

Made it about 225m before crashing into a solid wall.

A fun QWOP-esque title, though not really sure it fits the 1-bit theme.

The first time the day ended and I got presented with the breakdown was a bit of a surprise! I was wondering how to make money. All-in-all a fun sim-lite :) I liked bringing things to near-meltdown and then bringing it back. My rods seemed to prefer the left side of the screen for some reason.

If fleshed out with more random events, and maybe an intractable desk (with switches, paper, etc) would be quite a fun short game!

What doesn't work about it? You need the latest version of LOVE to run it.