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Game Jams and Indexing?

A topic by Davidobot created Jul 21, 2020 Views: 91 Replies: 5
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Sorry if this question has been asked before, but I can’t seem to find a lot of troubleshooting documents for hosting game jams specifically.

Do game jams need to be “approved” by the moderators to appear in search/jam calendar?

Our jam ( doesn’t seem to come up anywhere on the site, even though we followed all guidelines and filled out everything we could.

Thanks for your time!


Yes, they do.

So, what do i have to do for my jam to appear on the calendar, and what was wrong with his jam? I am hosting a jam, too. Therefore, I would like to know how to get to the list.


My jam appeared in the calendar after about 3-4 days, I think.

thank you. I hope my jam will appear there soon, too.


You don't have to do anything, they're all added to a queue and looked over in turn. If it takes too long, by all means contact support.

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