What you can do to help

If you like our work and want to help us make it even better, here are things you can do.

Test games with the app

Since https://itch.io has existed long before we released the app, some games aren't compatible, although we try really hard to make the app handle as many as possible out of the box.

This might sound trivial, but just trying to play games using the app and sending reports if they're broken helps creators a great deal, and it helps us make the app experience better for everyone!

Contribute translations

Although we commission professional translations when we can afford it, many languages available in the app are made possible by our wonderful contributors.

You can get involved on our Weblate translation server easily. New accounts can only suggest translations and vote on suggestions. Most languages have a translation manager who has the power approve suggestions.

Contribute insight / help us test fixes

Most of the app's development actually happens on our very active Github issue tracker.

By creating a GitHub account, starring and watching the project, you can help by commenting with your own research - we regularly leave requests for feedback (for example: "How does X behave on Windows 7? Are there Linux distributions without this command-line tool installed by default? Which graphics card are affected by
this driver bug?", etc.)

It requires a lot less effort than coding, but is just as useful, if not more.

We're particularly interested in your insight if:

  • You use an older version of Windows (7+) or macOS (10.x)
  • You use Linux (any distribution!)
  • Your computer is particularly old, or particularly new
  • You like puzzle games (bug hunting is the ultimate puzzle game)

People contributing insight are a great factor in making the app better for everyone, and regularly get a shout-out in our changelogs (displayed for in-app on update).

To get your own development copy of the app and running, follow the Getting started page.

Contribute code

Finally, if you know your way around TypeScript, or golang, you can help by contributing code directly to

You can take a look at past contributions for inspiration!

Thank you!

A big part of a maintainer's job is thanking everyone, and the truth is - there's never too much of it. As an open-source project, the itch app would be nowhere as good, were it not for the incredible support from our community, so, many thanks to all of you!

We hope you like using the app just as much as we like making it.

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