Installing itch on OSX

If it doesn't launch the first time - try a second time. We're looking into that particular issue.

Note: before v25, itch used to install in /Applications/ It now installs per-user, in ~/Applications/ You might want to remove the former before (or after) installing itch v25.

Verifying the app

All our OSX binaries are signed by a Developer ID certificate to the name of Amos Wenger, and you can verify them by running the following command in a terminal:

spctl -a -vvvv ~/Applications/

...where ~/Applications/ is the full path to the .app. If the app is correctly signed, you should see the following terminal output:

/Applications/ accepted
source=Developer ID
origin=Developer ID Application: Amos Wenger (B2N6FSRTPV)


When a new version of the app becomes available, "A new version is available" shows up in the top right corner.

Clicking it allows you to restart into the new version.


You can uninstall the app by dragging out of your ~/Applications folder and into the Trash.

This won't remove your library, which resides at ~/Library/Application Support/itch,
along with any additional install locations you have added from the app.

If you really want to uninstall everything, you'll need to delete that folder as well.

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