Installing itch on OSX

Installing the app with the DMG

  • Drag the app to the Applications folder
  • Close & eject the DMG image
  • Launch the app by searching 'itch' in Spotlight

Verifying the app

Recent versions of Mac OS X have built-in code signature verification mechanisms enabled by default that will prevent opening unsigned apps (also known as Gatekeeper).

While this provides little security (any one can buy a $99/year individual developer certificate), it does allow you to verify that the app you just downloaded was, indeed, built and distributed by us (

All our OSX binaries are signed by a Developer ID certificate to the name of Amos Wenger, and you can verify them by running the following command in a terminal:

spctl -a -vvvv /Applications/

...where /Applications/ is the full path to the .app. If the app is correctly signed, you should see the following terminal output:

/Applications/ accepted
source=Developer ID
origin=Developer ID Application: Amos Wenger (B2N6FSRTPV)


The app is self-updating on OSX, just like on Windows. Refer to the Windows page for details.


You can uninstall the app by dragging out of your /Applications folder and into the Trash.

Note that this won't remove your library, which resides at ~/Library/Application Support/itch, along with any additional install locations you have added from the app.

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