Downloading games

You can find games by using the in-app browser: it lets you access the entire website.

Once on a game's page, use the Install button on the right sidebar to download it. If you don't own the game, you'll see a Purchase button instead. If you have a press account and the creator has opted into the press program, you'll see a Review button instead.

The app also lets you browse your own collections, and any of your own games you might have uploaded to

The search bar will search all games and creators when online, along with all games installed or in your collections, even when offline.

If a game doesn't download

Sometimes, games are available for Windows, Linux, or macOS, but the creators forgot to add the appropriate tags. This is very easy for them to do, so don't hesitate to post a comment referring them to our quickstart guide.

When a game doesn't work

Sometimes, a game might install properly but fail to launch on your system. The app detects this and lets you send feedback to our compatibility watchlist.

It might be an app bug, a game bug, or a problem with your system, but regardless, we take a look at all reports. In fact, testing that games run well using the app is a great way of helping us!

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