Known Issues

Here's a list of issues we know about, that you may be experiencing.

100% CPU spikes

This affects:

  • Single-core machines (>10 years old)
  • Running Windows 7 or Windows Server 2012

If you have this combination, you'll see excessive (near-100%, not just 10-15%) CPU usage throughout. A possible workaround is to manually set the process's priority to "Below Normal":

  • Open the Task Manager (Shift+Ctrl+Esc)
  • Switch to the "Details" tab
    • You might need to click "More details" to expand the Task Manager first, if it's your first time using it
  • Find "itch.exe" in the list
    • You can click the list and start typing "itc" to focus it
    • You can also sort by Name by clicking the "Name" column so processes jump around less
  • In the context menu (Right-click on "itch.exe")
    • Select "Set priority" => "Below Normal"

This issue sucks. We're just as angry as you are. Maybe one day we'll switch to something else or ship an alternative, minimalist client - until then, the workaround will have to do.

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