These environment variables will change the behavior of the app:

  • DEVTOOLS=1 — start with Chromium Devtools open — useful when something goes wrong before the F12 binding becomes available.
  • ITCH_LOG_LEVEL=debug — see for available levels - defaults to "info"
  • MARCO_POLO=1 — dumps all redux events being dispatched throughout the app. We attempt to filter that (see private field in payloads) but **please pay extra care to any logs you post publicly** to make sure you're not leaking your own credentials.
  • LET_ME_IN=1 — dump API calls to console
  • DIEGO_IS_ASLEEP=1 - forbid [our diagnostics tool][diego] from running commands like uname, lspci, sw_vers, wmic, and ver on your system and writing the results to a file on your local disk.
  • CAST_NO_SHADOW=1 — opens devtools for the purchase window
  • REMEMBER_ME_WHEN_IM_GONE=1 - don't wipe downloads when uninstalling. Useful for debugging install/uninstall routines.
  • THE_DEPTHS_OF_THE_SOUL=1 - print debug info when extracting certain archives
  • IMMEDIATE_NOSE_DIVE=1 - open dev tools before launching html games
  • UP_TO_SCRATCH=1 - force update checks, even in development environment
  • MY_BUTLER_IS_MY_FRIEND=1 - show butler debug messages
  • MY_BUTLER_IS_MY_ENEMY=1 - show all of butler's output before parsing
  • PROFILE_REQUIRE=1 - profile how much time it takes to require modules
  • ITCH_IGNORE_CERTIFICATE_ERRORS=1 - ignore certificate errors - USE WITH CARE only with debugging proxies that do SSL proxying
  • ITCH_EMULATE_OFFLINE=1 - simulate a network outage

See the "Performance hacking" section for other environment variables that impact the app.

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