Installing on Linux

These instructions apply to itch v25 and up.

If you have an older version of the app installed, uninstall it before following those instructions.

Simply head to and grab the Linux installer.


Run chmod +x itch-setup && ./itch-setup (or use your file manager to set the executable bit and double-click it).

You'll need GTK3 installed (libgtk-3-0 package on most Debians).

The latest version of itch downloads and installs to ~/.itch. After a successful installation, itch starts up.


When a new version of the app becomes available, "A new version is available" shows up in the top right corner.

Clicking it allows you to restart into the new version.

The APT and YUM repositories are no longer officially supported.

the itch installer is open-source, and purpose-built on top of the same technology as butler, our diffing and patching solution.

Please open issues directly on the itch-setup repository if you encounter issues or if it doesn't cater to your use-case!


Run ~/.itch/itch-setup --uninstall to uninstall itch from your system.

Note that this won't remove your library, which resides at $HOME/.config/itch,
along with any additional install locations you have added from the app.

If you really want to uninstall everything, you'll have to take care of that folder as well.

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