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Weird fantasy gonzo-infused colonial New World setting OSR | Lamentations of the Flame Princess | Old School Essentials
A short piece of gay historical fiction
A Bronze-Age rules-light TTRPG about the tragedies and ambitions of larger-than-life characters
Transformations and Trans Werewolves
Mi pequeño reconocimiento a un clásico de la historia de los videojuegos.
Un jeu Historique dans l'Heptarchie anglo-saxonne du 9e Siècle
A Historical Hetalia fan anthology depicting character throughout the twentieth century!
will they wont they || undo jam 2022
The Visual Novel and Interactive Fiction Zine
A tale of Benjamin Franklin, the origins of the blind study, and the beginnings of finding mesmerism hot.
8-page zine for the forgotten games jam
MSX video game magazine vol.1 from 1 to 10
A Hetalia fanzine dedicated to the Western genre.
A historical interactive fiction about two twin heirs of the Amago clan during the Japanese “Sengoku Jidai”
A Historical Hetalia fan anthology centered on Asia throughout the twentieth century!
VF de "The Souldiers Pocket Bible" (1643)
A collection of myths, drawings, artifacts, poems, and stories from the ancient continent of Askedoria.
First installment of the bestselling novel series
quick and dirty zine about strike busting in north america and googles old slogan
A lesbian story about loyalty and love
An article about historians and their role in diegetic worldbuilding.
What we lose in translation when we read the Bible
A Bronze-Age rules-light TTRPG about the tragedies and ambitions of larger-than-life characters
¿Has visitado la capital de la lluvia y los asesinatos?
Biblical tales retold as episodes in humanity's battle with the ravenous undead. 5 novels in one package.
A book that showcases the creative process behind the worldbuilding of Fragments of The Past.
An All Tomorrow's Photos prequel novelette
What do you do when you come home and there is no home?
Un scénario pour le Saxon Hack
A new translation of the myths of the Mesopotamian goddess of war, lust, justice, liminality, and discord.
Historical accounts mixed with spiritual practices in one book on Sekhmet.
The first issue of Rare and Wondrous Items by Rupert Spore. Each issue contains six items with a brief history.
Plongez au coeur de la Grande Armée Viking
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