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Story Rich

Games with a heavy focus on storytelling and narrative.

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Type down to discover how these 4 tales entwine
Your ten years on the station are up. The Company sent a pair of clones to replace you-- and they've got a secret.
Lose yourself in a medieval mood with this short story and recipe collection.
Words and pictures about falling in love, transition, and all the times I haven't killed myself
"...holding your six-inch knife while listening to your parents fight in the living room..."
A collection of six short stories about sadness, isolation, and frustration, and one about a fly
Book One of the Chronicles of Gray
The rules change when worlds collide.
Collection of short stories.
Every choice counts, and it will be a sign of the times when it prevails.
A short story about two friends who discover a tome in a library
A Twine about love and life. A story about two people that slipped through the cracks of society and found each other.
A journey through young adulthood, lost love, relationships, identity, religion, and survival
The thoughts of a father on his future with his son.
Another Deacon Bishop prequel
A Blu-ray diskmag-like eBook about the 8-bit era