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Santa's Secret Transfic Stash

A bundle hosted by Rooibos Chai with content from 25 creators.
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A bundle of short stories originating from a Secret Santa writing exchange in December 2020. These stories span a wide variety of styles and subjects, including fantasy, sci-fi, and realistic fiction, but most of them in some way deal with transgender themes.

Starting in February 2021, some of these stories will be cross-posted to Scribblehub, but by purchasing this bundle you can support over 20 different trans authors and get easy access to over 100,000 words of fiction for your reading device of choice!

Includes the following items:

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Stevie felt like a third wheel being friends with a lesbian couple... that is, until the three entered VR.
A short story about a newly-out trans girl and the magic of Christmas
You are Order itself, the primordial force. This is a day in your life.
On Christmas, a trans girl makes a wish.
A collection of encounters a group of adventurers has with a particular dragon
A short trans superhero story
The armor was effective protection, but a bit embarrassing...
​Anyone can be a follower of Artemis.
A Christmas wish on the North Star
A trans retelling of a well-known fairy tale
Jude finds a magic lamp, then anxiously stalls for time.
Becoming a Girl and Other Accidents in Gaming
A short story about how bad, and how good family can be. And because it's written by me, it's also trans
A short story about girlfriends celebrating their first Christmas together
Do AI dream of electric apples?
One bounty hunter chases another and memories of the lost Earth in the distant future.