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Development diary and documentary photos from the making of the game.
An ebook about social media and The Trans Narrative
A novella and album about a bar where people go to die.
The indie revolution, the rise of zero and the indiepocalypse.
A book to learn ethical hacking and penetration testing for beginners
You can become a REAL game developer. Learn the basics and get resources that will let you get profits from your game!
Learn how to send phishing emails, and protect yourself from phishing. For beginners and IT professionals
A no-nonsense guide to taking your first steps in the online game writing world.
How I Created a Game Business and My First Game in 3 Months
audiodigital sonnets
Another day, another distress call, another disaster...
A pipeline on creating game levels created for my MSc
A 10.5K word short story based (more or less) on the game of the same name.
A free printable six month mood journal to track how you are feeling and why
A story of revolution and gay angel spies.
Learn to be a more confident debugger with this guide!