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You can now rate games has a lot of games! It can be overwhelming trying to search through them looking for something to play. Starting today (actually as of a day or so ago) you can now rate games. The rating data is currently only visible to yourself, but as more games are rated this data will be factored into building a system for helping uncover some of the standout games.

You can find the rate game button in the top right corner of the game page, next to the collections button:

How to rate your game

Once you’ve rated a game you’re free to edit it as much as you like, just click the button again.

To review your ratings just head to the My collections page and you’ll see a new list containing the games you’ve rated:

Review your ratings on


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I can see this message, and I can see my own messages. If you can't see your messages after you post them, trying hitting F5 to reload the site and if you still can't see them something is wrong with your browser or ad blocker maybe?