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You can now email your buyers from

If you’re selling a game then it’s now incredibly easy to contact those who have purchased your game. now has it’s own interface for composing and sending an email, perfect for telling people about updates to your game or maybe even a new game you’ve just released.

email preview

In addition to your message you can include the recipient’s unique game download link. A nice way to reminded them where they can download the game when there are updated or new files.

Each email also includes an unsubscribe link should the recipient consider the mail spam.

You can find the compose email page on tabs of the edit page for any of your games.

Because writing emails can be tricky, the composer comes with a few tools to make things easier. You can save a draft of your email so you don’t have to send it immediately. You can keep editing the email until it’s ready to be sent.

You can also send a preview of the email to your own address so you can see how it renders in your mail client.


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How in the world do we disable this if we're on the receiving side? After buying that giant bundle of indie games the other month I've been getting near-daily emails from different developers advertising something else they've made. I have to unsubscribe from each developer individually, unless I'm missing some other option?


I'm getting this too. I'd like an option to unsubscribe from all of them. I would prefer to opt-in to emails for specific games