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Yeahh, I wanted to do so much more but as I went on I figured I should focus on the most most most important things so that it’s “a game” and then build my way up in content. An hour before I submitted it the cabin still had placeholder graphics and I didn’t put in hard mode or infinite levels yet.

Hehe, maybe if I develop this game further I’ll make levels where you DO have to shovel up everything.

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Just so you guys know, the game is now playable on the page. It is a slightly modified version, but only so much so as to work around love.js, like retaining the gradient background despite limitations, compressing assets to speed up download time, and making the music+wind no longer stream. The last one hurts loading times quite a bit in the web version, but overall it should otherwise play identically to the downloaded version of the game.

Lol this game kept me hooked for a while. I wanted the game to keep going after the boss. Loved it. Definitely consider throwing in some like, endless mode update after the jam or something.

I’m enjoying the artstyle, it’s really cute and charming.

If I had more time I would have mixed things up a bit, maybe leaning more puzzley. I had an idea for like, a key that would be floating and you have to wait for snow to pile to reach it. Maybe levels that have different goals, levels that have some kind of active threat. I’m surprised at myself for how much I already did though!

Love2d, Lua

Thank you! I wanted to do a lot more things to mix up gameplay but didn’t have time. I would’ve tried to aim for 10 unique levels.

Yeahhh, I wanted to do so much more but time crunch! Maybe I’ll update this after the jam is over. :)

I didn’t have time to account for window scaling and fullscreen, sorry.

gave me some much needed cheering up after a rough day of work. thank you for this cute game.

brings me back to my childhood brainrot

Thanks! I got an update coming out sometime soon that will make it more polished.

I'm getting this too. I'd like an option to unsubscribe from all of them. I would prefer to opt-in to emails for specific games