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You can now access purchased games from your account

In the past if you bought a game from you would be redirected to and emailed a private link containing all the files you have access too. Starting today you can now link your a purchase with your account and access all of your games just by logging in.

Because purchases are associated with an email address you’ll have to verify ownership of your email address before you can access your games. You can verify your email address from the Email tab of the User Settings page.

After you’ve verified you can find your purchased games on the new My Collections page: 


Because it’s not uncommon to have different email address on your PayPal account compared to your account you can also verify multiple email addresses. This way you can get access to your purchased games no matter how you’ve bought them.

You can find the Additional Emails form on the Emails tab of the User Settings page.

P.S. The emails tab is brand new and also lets you change your primary email address if you registered with the wrong one.


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