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Updates to your purchases

A couple changes regarding how purchases are linked to accounts have been deployed over the past few days. In the past a purchase was only associated with an account if it shared the same (verified) email address. Now purchases can be directly attached to an account. If you purchase a game while logged in it will be attached to that account regardless of the email address used in the purchase. This should be helpful to those who use different emails for different services.

The “My purchases” page has been updated to show all the games you have access to along with any donations you’ve made with new tabs on the top of the page. If you have any pending gifts they will show up here as well.


Additionally, if you head to the game page for any game you have access to you’ll see a new banner at the top of the page with quick links to your download links. This includes links for gifts, bundles, claimed download keys, and regular purchases.



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