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RSS feeds for browsing games

You can now subscribe to RSS feeds to get up to date lists of games right in your feed reader.

For any browse page URL, such as you can append .xml to the end of the URL to get access to an RSS feed containing those games, eg.:

Additionally the following feeds are also available:

The new games feed will give you the latest games uploaded:

The featured game feed will give you the latest games that have been featured on the homepage:

And the sales feed will show you all active sales along with the games are are on sale:


P.S. Feel free to message me if you have any idea for more feeds

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I second @Calibo 999, a feed for a specific dev would be very useful.


An RSS feed for a specific account would be great

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Yeah, I found this page because I wanted to follow a specific user to see when they put out new releases.

An RSS feed for the job postings would be pretty great as well


An RSS feed for game jams would be very helpful, for some jams people attach a hashtag which works currently, but some jams dont have that.

Hey, what about RSS feeds on every game. You could track all activity what the game just done. For example..