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RSS feeds for browsing games

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You can now subscribe to itch.io RSS feeds to get up to date lists of games right in your feed reader.

For any browse page URL, such as http://itch.io/browse/price-free you can append .xml to the end of the URL to get access to an RSS feed containing those games, eg.: http://itch.io/browse/price-free.xml

Additionally the following feeds are also available:

The new games feed will give you the latest games uploaded: http://itch.io/feed/new.xml

The featured game feed will give you the latest games that have been featured on the homepage: http://itch.io/feed/featured.xml

And the sales feed will show you all active sales along with the games are are on sale: http://itch.io/feed/sales.xml


P.S. Feel free to message me if you have any idea for more feeds

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Hey, what about RSS feeds on every game. You could track all activity what the game just done. For example..