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Very enjoyable one button game, art is cute and simple, movement challenging without being frustrating, a really great jam entry!

Cosy graphics, an interesting idea, very short, I liked this.

Good if barebones GTA demake. I wish the gameplay was more developed, but it is an interesting experiment as it is.

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I am playing it and currently in night four. Would you share how you programmed it? Plain assembly? There is a lot for such a small sized file!

Did you use any form of compression for text/graphics/music?

Congratulations, I hope many people buy this.

Incredible game that with very little does so much, recommended!

Juego increíble, ,muy divertido, pero no creo que voy a lograr acabarlo sin pistas o guia.

Not much of a game as now (works but gameplay is a bit rough) but impressive on such a low-specced machine. Good luck developing this!

There is a lot of good things to be said about this: it is a game with simple mechanics but can get deep and interesting, graphics are readable, cheerful. I had fun playing this.

Things that can get betterI would have preferred an in game tutorial and animations would have been better to understand the action, but as I have said, a fresh and interesting experience, well done.

Pixelwheels is a Micromachines 2 inspired game which I had lots of fun with. There are a dozen tracks, three championships, different cars with different characteristics, again much fun discovering it all and unlocking the one suits you best.

Multiplatform, it worked out of the box. One of the best "non realistic" racing games I have played this year.

aahaha I must admit that,, *no*, I cheated (I found the point where you have to be pixelperfect, while confined on the top right part of the screen, too much for me!).

But I am sure I will havce occasions to replay it without savestates, since the game is pretty enjoyable even when you have explored the whole map!

Finished, there was a little surprise on how to get those last few notes!

Excellent game, supported you with a few bucks!

Extremely cosy and relaxing gameplay, I really enjoyed the smooth movement.

I have yet to finish this but I cannot but praise this production. It has the smoothest controls I have ever tried in a ZX Spectrum game, the sprites are cute, backgrounds varied and interesting, happy music and a gameplay that manages to be challenging and rewarding without being frustrating.

It is not easy and I suspect I will need savestate to reach the end, play it!

I will add for GNU/Linux users: the Appimage woks fine on Debian!

A very, very good game.

RS23 puts you in the shoes of Clare and what happens during an unfortunate fuel stop.

Graphics are both functional and very well drawn: the backgrounds evocative without distracting from the action, enemy sprites — some small, some big — each one exquisite and smooth.

Gameplay is metroidvaniaesque with a reminiscence of nethack: you will jump and avoid monster, avoid scary and dangerous spikes too, and save your progress at rest stops (no save: lost progress!). There are some power ups that will help you, collect them all (including each health powerup), as they will unlock different parts of the underground.

I will warn you that some parts are not easy and will take time and a mental map of where danger is (with the usual rule: die → rest stop). Map space which is btw very cleverly used, the world is so big yet so compact and cosy at the same time.

Minor bug: wall jumping between screen transitions sometimes does not work (takes multiple tries).

This is not “a very good jam game”, a “very good game” full stop! Congrats to the team.

No worries, I will savour this wait.

wine-5.0.3 (Debian 5.0.3-3) here. I encountered some slowdowns in open areas.

(or html5, this looks very interesting but runs like crap with Wine)

Yo, linux build please? ^_^

Add a walthrough too, I am stuck in the motel! (sadface)

`examine letter` does not work if you `take` it first

A miniature of a game which is actually very funny to play, feels like a mixture of a minigolf + platformer.

I would like to see this developed in something bigger!

Knitty platfromance. Challenging and rewarding, I liked it!

The game is actually good! After the classic “don’t fall on various platforms” there is a mars like canyon and finally some sort of slider. I enjoyed the action.

I will add, I especially liked underwater levels.

Very very very good supertux remix. The action is smooth and challenging, levels pleasant to explore and commentary interesting.

Game is definitely not Open Source (license is some mess), the tag should be removed.

The game itself is interesting and I had fun playing it, though a bit difficult for my skills. You do not see where the sick figures are facing, so you are effectively always playing in the minimap.

Very good gamebook, amost a roguelike. The mechanic is very simple: use item to make your way. It works very well and the descriptions kept me hooked and wondering about the bigger gameworld.

Well done!

What I like about this entry is: minimalism without betraying roguelikeness.

This is really a bonus and you can play it relaxed without learning 90 new keybindings. Approved!

I found this RL very relaxing, which is unexpected and a bonus: you just have basically movement controls and an option to wait. This is much friendlier and cosy than the general complexity of roguelikes.

The structur of the dungeon maybe is too simple and samey, but I had fun for the few minutes I have played it.

The game is obviously unfinished but I really liked the idea of blending CYOA+RL and the understated humour of the first — and only? — mission.

Interface is clear and I can see possibilities in the “challenges” (as now I just managed to knock out a guard).

I hope this gets completed!

Hey you forgot to upload a zip file and instead published 4 different files!

This game is extremely polished and fun to play (shooting arrows a bit easier than fighting with a sword).

The technical achievement is impressive. This runs on a Spectrum and is action packed, incredible what the developers managed to do.

Cosy puzzle game, does one thing and does it well, I have played it on a desktop and it was easy enough too. Well done!

Good, short, dry horror game. I especially liked the visuals and I hope this sees a “chapter II” release.

I will give feedback here since comments are disabled: good effort, I especially liked the backstory and the graphics, they have some mysterious quality which I liked. Not fond of “button press will skip text”, the platform action was ok if a but uncouth. Hope to see more from you!

Game is quite good! It is minimalistic and to the point, there are interesting tactical choices to be made and in the end you will meet an untimely fate.

It is nice that it is open source too, though I could not compile it without a makefile on Linux so I just used Wine to play it.

One weird thing: you need to click with your mouse in the main menu, while the rest of the game is all keyboard based.

Very good production, I hope to see more from you!

Non conosco godot ma seguiro con piacere i vostri sforzi! Tra l’altro mi sembra un gioco che sarà facile tradurre in inglese nel caso voleste una platea più ampia.

Il gioco non è male, si inserisce nel classico filone del «fuggi dal labirinto mentre tentano di accopparti». Mi è piaciuto e pur non avendo io un mouse e solo un touchpad è ben giocabile.

Alcuni consigli:
- «qual’è» va senza l’apostrofo (troncamento, non elisione)!
- la luce è *davvero* fioca, è difficile orientarsi nel labirinto in queste condizioni

Nel complelsso bella idea. L’ho giocato su Linux con godot e funziona. Molto buoni suono e atmosfera.

Drowning City community · Created a new topic Linux build

Hello, since this was made with Godot, can we have a Linux build? I like the look of it but the experience with Wine is finicky.