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Really refreshing to see new ideas instead of the usual crap. Ace of a game!

A fantasic terminal experience, for real one of the few fun platform/adventures out there.

An excellent game in a tiny archive. Gorgeusly CGA and readable graphics, sensible mechanics, I had fun and recommend this.

Really interesting and innovative mechanics, liked this!

Not bad but:

  • '0's should be simply empty space in-game
  • game should be cross-platform, I had to change "clear" to "cls" to make this work on Linux

  • For a ~100 LOC game, it is excellent.

    I am not the dev nor a Win user, but this has to be the most funny, caring and hilarious comment ever on Well done!

    What can I say that hasn’t been said in this comment section? Really beautiful, one of the smoothest platform experiences I have had, bonus point for open source.

    Extremely clever game, impressive what can be accomplished with just one button and the simplest of setup. Boxes really give this depth.

    Super how the graphics blends with the mechanics and the theme.

    Top notch music!

    Thanks, hopefully the text was not too small!

    Good, typographically sound "write your own story" — in this case, map — game. I found it cosier than other similar games in the jam because it is lighter and lets you draw instead of write.

    Had more fun with this that 95% of the entries. Obtained a "secret so" (so secret?) after penciling it all.

    "Narrate your own story" with a twist (real life grafite stabbing), +!

    Nice puzzle which really ace the "innovative use of the medium" category. Well done!

    Solid party game, creative use of jam rules.

    Clever mechanics, attractive layout, collab. Thumbs up for me!

    Good experience playing this, balances «story» and mechanics and has some nice/evocative art. Well done.

    Of the "story prompts" entries, this is one of the more clever ones. Well done!

    Good «build your own adventure» effort, which manages to be pleasant and not crammed like other entries, well done.

    Super tip!

    Thanks, appreciated! I would make it a little bit less text heavy if I had to do rewrite it.

    Very good write-it-yourself RPG, my only (minor!) gripe is that there is little space to write the answers on the postcard itself.

    Bonus: works 2p too!

    I second @Calibo 999, a feed for a specific dev would be very useful.

    Whimsical, fun, what is not to like about this? Loved the mixture of actions and puzzles — pushing corpses to their graves was satisfying.
    Each screen is a self contained minigame, objectives are clear, danger is intermittently present — saving now and then recommended.

    I liked this one because:

    • simplicity
    • one-playerness
    • cosy storytelling (storywriting rather: drafting a 15-words message is more difficult than it seems)

    2p gaming (and creating a small word telegram after telegram) seems doable — and fun — too.

    Excellent use of the medium (cutting, «stenciling») and way clearer rules than ½ of the jam submission. No frill and seems to be fun (need to meet a friend when quarantine is over to judge that :P). Good job!

    One of the few games for the jam that can be played alone and with no further material — the pencil is not strictly needed. I liked that!

    Idea is interesting, I would like to see a «played» example!

    Good idea, maybe you should have left some space for writing the report on the postcard itself!

    Good pure RP idea, which is cosy to play even by yourself multiple times. Well done!

    Interesting that you can play this alone (imho fitting better the theme of the jam)!

    Good vibes, just a pity that I have to play with a friend during a pandemic :P

    Clear instructions, nice story prompts, even some art. Thumbs up!

    (1 edit)

    If I finish something, I would be gladly in.

    Interesting idea. I appreciate:
    - that is it single player (many other jam games are not, difficult to rate those);
    - that there is some kind of backstory that adds to the immersion.

    The actual crosswords were nice to solve and the «hints» all around the letter spectacularly done! Good job!

    Clear instructions and nice board!

    I see, maybe you as the jam organiser could pick a handful which are innovative / fit the theme best / were the most fun to play.
    In any case I will participate.

    I am new to itch jams, will there be ratings?

    Finally finished: good retro-styled scary text adventure, with everything like back in the days (a minimalistic parser and buzzer sounds too!).

    Descriptions are simple and effective, the mansion easy to navigate and puzzles logical if a bit simple. There are a few things I have disliked (see: limited inventory, which forces backtracking — and this is a time limited game!), but all in all a solid production, hope to see more from the author.

    I feel like a moron, I totally missed the ‘N’ exit!