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Small adventure which manages to convey a cosy feeling about your life in a small town. GUI is mouse-based (with a few hotkeys), puzzles are decent, I helped seven people. Good job!

Cute and lovely game, well done!

Hi! Game looks interesting, is there a chance we can get a linux build?


Very very good game in a cosy, crystal clear package.

Had real fun playing it, and the mechanic is so simple!

A very slick, very good, very hard platformer for the Game Boy. I suggest players to carefully read Controls as it is not your usual jump&run game — to be fair, controls could have put in-game too.

It starts easy and it immediately ramps up, so be ready to see that death counter increasing. I am impressed by the smoothness of the action and glad that the author published the code for others to benefit.

Excellent production!

The game atmosphere is thrilling!

I need help: no idea what to do with `wire` and `heavy weight`!

The game has good graphics and music, it is a type of slow platformer where the action is not hectic.

I had fun playing it, but it should be made more challenging to beat!

A game that manages to evoke something in a little space, with some good dialogue lines and just one choice. I liked it!

(comment here because on blog comments are restricted to G users)

A lovely 0-choice game. It is very short and sharp, every word adds to the effect. A successful experiment in minimalism!

Got 92

It is not a superinnovative game, but the graphics are cute and clear, gameplay waaaay more forgiving than Out Run, I had fun playing this!

A solid jump-to-avoid-obstacles game, with some nice touches like the audio cues for score/speed increase.

Works, will play it now!

If you can do it for me, please do so, I would be glad!

Solid game which is quite difficult even on easy. I appreciated that there was ingame help (controls) and a backstory, like in the good old DOS days.

I would like to try this and I need to compile it myself (Linux 64-bit). Where can I find the source, please?

Game is simple but the mechanich is uniquely cosy, I liked it!

I would like to test this but I am on Linux and wine does not work with the .exe! If the engine is open source, I can try building it on my machine and test the game.

Dónde está el código fuente? Como uso GNU/Linux, no puedo descargar la version Win.

Short and sweet, with sensible puzzles and a humor that made me smile, well done!

I cannot but recommend this game. The premise is very simple — I won’t spoil because discovering it is part of the fun — and the game develops it in a cute and challenging manner.

Really a polished game for a jam, and quite an apt production for such a rainy summer!

This is listed GPLv3, can I get the source so I can play it on LInux?

An excellent metroidvania. The gist and uniqueness of this is of course given by the procgen levels I did not find them samey at all, many screens have unique flavours and the maps are easy to navigate. Music is top-notch, graphics cute and readable, some mechanics ("hit and jump") interesting and devilish.

There are some bugs that slipped through:
- sometimes you can jump out of the level, getting stuck and having to press 1+2+3 to respawn (keep that in mind)
- sometimes it seems you have "permafire" on and despite not actually attacking you can e.g. break blocks at mere contact

The action develops in a Prince-of-Persia way, which means you are timed and deaths/respawns incour in a time malus.

Good production, I have played the Linux build which should be available soon, ran smoothly!

Reached true end, thanks!

I cannot beat this, jumping while running left (z←↑) does not work (works when running right).

A very good puzzle game which mixes the madness of sokoban with "laser games". Despite showcasing only one level, you will find the four puzzles to exit the room quite interesting and varied and satisfying.

Terminal atmosphere adds to the feel, the only thing it is missing is an in-game legend to represent which-block-is-which.

Thumbs up!

Sorry, the error went away by itself apparently!

I would like to try it but

f@mkiii:~/download/ion_duct$ ./

Traceback (most recent call last):

  File "", line 481, in <module>

  File "zuab/engine/", line 27, in __init__

  File "zuab/interface/", line 184, in __init__

  File "zuab/interface/", line 107, in add_window

  File "zuab/interface/", line 144, in addch

  File "zuab/interface/", line 128, in getch

  File "zuab/interface/", line 90, in unrasterize

ValueError: chr() arg not in range(0x110000)

[1049943] Failed to execute script 'ion_duct' due to unhandled exception!

The game it is extremely simple yet with a polished interface and very very funny to play.

Source code (some kind of Lisp) is interesting too.

Cute find-the-object game. The gist of this type of games is to have interesting/funny/cosy graphics and text. This game has them both, well done!

A simple yet satisfying game, I liked the small puzzles to find each mushroom. Well done!

> I may just remove the GPL tag for now until I have Github set up, or an alternative.

If you feel like it, you can also just upload a `` and that is that, it is your choice.

Thanks for CC'ing assets!

(1 edit)

A very good game, with excellent levels, superb music and a funny backstory.

You control Henry, the eponymous goat with clear priorities in life (eating anything he can). Usually homebrew GB games are nothing more than a nostalgia trip, but not this one: gameplay is actually fun, there is even a boss level!

Things I would correct:

- is not descriptive, should be changed to (or

- "hold B to run" is *not* present in the menu, should be added

- there are some slowdowns with many enemies on screen, I suspect that is unavoidable.

- edit: this is tagged GPL but I don't see any repo!

Again, superb production!

Looks fine, a compiled version could help this getting played!

I personally like to rebind controls and I don't think this was possible here, I kept mashing '.' for "wait", primed by other roguelikes.

Sometimes I pressed the wrong numeric key to select a specific powerup.

As you can see, pretty tame gripes, as I wrote above the experience is very good.

Simple-yet-cruel roguelike. Controls are non rebindable but easy to get, same with powerups and weapons; remember to learn how to use 'q' and you will survive a lot longer.

Health powerups are scarce, so be careful when engaging with critters!

Thank you!

The game is tagged GPL3, but I cannot find the repo or the source, hence I cannot play it on Linux!

Excellent experience, I really liked the how text, mouse movement (“looking”) and backgrounds interacted with each other.

It is a novel way of conveying a narrative game, well done to the author!