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Tags week day 3: Sales, bundles, Kenney Vleugels and Daniel Linssen

Hosting a promotion is powerful tool when you’re trying to sell a game. It’s a good way to get people talking about your project, and encourage anyone who may have held off buying to make their purchase. has two kinds promotions: Sales and bundles 

Sales & Bundles added the ability for any creator to host a sale in 2013. Today we’ve got a few updates:

All sales with multiple items are now bundles

When creating a sale you can include as many of your projects as you wish. In 2014 we enhanced the sale system to allow you to optionally provide a single bundle price to buy everything. Starting today, all sales with multiple items will work just like bundles, even if you don’t provide a price. We’ll automatically sum up the items and let someone buy them in one go. 


Introducing conditional sales

If you have multiple items for sale on you might want to reward existing buyers with a discount for owning any of your previous work. Today we’re launching a new feature called conditional sales


On the sale creation and edit screen you can now list projects that must be owned in order for the sale to take effect. Its not required to have an account to buy something on, so we’ve integrated the buy flow directly in the download page. Account or no account, everyone can access your conditional sale!

Redesigned sale management tools

In order to account for all these new features we’ve refreshed the sale creation and edit page. Things are grouped how you expect and reflect the new functionality. We’ve also updated all the owner-specific tools that live on the top of sale and bundle pages.

Developer Interviews

Kenney is a developer primarily known for his wonderful asset packs and tools that have enabled accessible game development for many.

Daniel Linssen, also known as Managore, is a prolific game developer producing games of great design primarily during game jams. He recently won Ludum Dare 35.

That’s all for today, see you tomorrow!

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