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Tags week day 3 BONUS: Co-op bundles

This is a bonus post for day 3. In the previous post we talked about our bundling system for solo developers. In this post we re-visit our other kind of bundle: the co-op bundle.

Bundles are a pretty hot topic for indie developers. On one hand they’re a good way to get a sales boost long after launch, on the other hand…well you’ve probably heard the horror stories about opportunistic companies selling groups of indie games for pennies on the dollar. Either way, most of the time bundles are run by outside companies.

A year ago we introduced co-op bundles: a way for allow multiple developers to team up and sell their games together, how they want. Although we don’t have any big updates to how they work, we think it’s a valuable tool that needs more awareness.


Here’s how it works:

  1. One person acts as the host, they create a new bundle page and paste in the links of the games they want to include.
  2. The host picks a revenue split for each developer with content in the bundle. It defaults to equal split.
  3. The bundle goes into a pending state after it’s created. The host must ask each participant to visit the bundle page, review it, and click accept.
  4. Once everyone has approved the bundle, the host can publish it to the world and people can start buying.

Additionally, just like you can set tiered pricing on your files in an individual game, you can set tiers in a bundle to unlock more games! 

Once live, every participant of the bundle will get access to a detailed analytics page they can track the bundles progress, purchases, and earnings over time.

For more details, check out the Bundles developer guide.

We’re looking into more ways to encourage developers to use this system as we’re firm believers in putting developers in complete control of how they sell their creations together. Bundle your game with others - on your own terms.

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