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Games can now be reported

One of the disadvantages of running an open content submission platform is sometimes you get content that doesn’t belong. In order to help keep’s content well organized and free of spam you can now report games.

You can find a Report game link at the bottom of game’s page on Clicking it will load a dialog that lets you describe the nature of the report.

The following types of reports can be created:

  • Offensive material
  • Uploader not authorized to distribute
  • Miscategorized
  • Spam
  • Other

If you select Miscategorized you’ll have the option to suggest a category.

In addition to the report type you can also leave a comment describing your report.

Once submitted, a report will be reviewed and action will be taken if necessary.


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Any action on the virus at ?

(5 edits)

Is there a way to see the status of your report?

I reported a game from this user that is reposting pirated games from different Devs claiming to be the author and selling them on a lower price that the actual game.

On his Twitter he admitted that those are all pirated, and I also added a link to the original game on the report as proof.

More than a week passed and I see that he just posted more pirated stuff, would be nice to know if the report was ignored for some reason, there's still not enough proof to take action or is just in queue cuz so many reports.

Deleted 339 days ago

Can you please tell me where you collected this list of links from?

Deleted 332 days ago
Admin (1 edit)

Thanks for sharing.

The only people would would have had access to those links are the spammers creating them, as all those pages were not listed anywhere and only available by direct URL. For you to share the links would suggest that you are in communication with the spammers in some way. If they’re posting the links on Reddit then that would explain it.

Okay, I think that is a very blue reaction. Mmmhh. So, am I getting this right?

  1. Reporting this to makes no sense.
  2. You are not doing anything about it.
  3. You don't see this as abusing
  1. You should definitely report suspicious activity if you see it. If you’re reporting something that we know has been automatically delisted by our spam detector, then we are curious about how you came across the links.
  2. The pages have long been deleted
  3. We have 0 tolerance policy for spamming

Thanks for the clarification! :-)