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Game collections and updated profile pages

In addition to being able to view your purchases on the new My Collections page you can also make collections of any games you want.

Creating and adding a game to a collection is done through the Add to collection button found on the top right of the game page. Clicking it brings up the following screen:

You can add the game to an existing collection or create a new one. You can even write a little blurb for your own notes (or a review if you choose to make it public).

You can see all the collections you’ve created on the My Collections page. You can also edit the ordering, titles, and blurbs for the games or delete games or collections.

Lastly you can click the Show on my profile checkbox to show the collection on the bottom of your profile!

Along with being able to show collections and purchases on your profile you can also change the color scheme (slowly I’ll be making it as customizable as the game pages). I’m testing out a new theme editor that opens from the left of the screen. If it turns out well I’ll update the game pages to use a similar style as well.

You can see an example of the updated profile page here:


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