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All developers on now have the ability to host their own game bundles on! Bundles are a great way to encourage people to buy multiple of your games at once by giving them a discounted price. On a bundle is a special kind of game sale where you set a “buy all” price to obtain every item in the sale at once. 

Check out some bundles that have already been created:

browse bundles

Before you create a bundle you’ll need at least two games that are purchasable. Once you’ve got the games created head over to the new sale page (or you can edit an existing one).

At the bottom of the edit sale page, after you select the eligble games, there’s now a input for specifying the “buy all” price:

new sale editor

A suggested price is included to help you pick a price below the sum of all the games in the bundle.

At the top of your newly created bundle you’ll find a “Buy all for…” button to let someone purchase all of the games at once. Like any purchase on no accounts are required and the entire process is seamless!

buy all button

Clicking the button let’s the buyer get an overview of what they are getting:

buy bundle lightbox

After completing the purchase, the buyer will be taken to their unique bundle download URL where they can download each of the games individually.

Additionally, like any other purchase, if the buyer has an account with a linked email address then the games will show up in their My collections page!


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