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Coupon codes for sales & bundles

Earlier this year, as part of week, we let you make it so sales could be made available to those who own something else you’ve released.

We’re adding a new type of limited access sale: coupon codes. On the sale edit page you’ll find a new area for specifying an optional coupon code. The coupon code creates a new URL on your account that someone will need to visit to redeem access to the sale.


You can also configure how many times the sale can be redeemed before it’s closed. Feel free to add more later on by editing the sale if it runs out.

When someone goes to their coupon code they’ll be able to see the sale page, and learn more about the promotion before buying, or grabbing a free download. Like all purchases on, no account is required to redeem a coupon.

All the regular sale features are available for coupons as well, including bundling multiple games and having goals.

More about coupon codes on the guide.


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neat, looking forward for some deals till the end of year