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Awesome new updates

Whoa, it’s almost been a month since we last posted updates. We haven’t been doing nothing! Here’s some some stuff you might like:

Credit cards now supported for “collect and pay later” has two payout modes: Direct to you, and collect and pay later. In the past, collect and pay later only supported PayPal. Starting now, credit card purchasing is automatically available to all sellers that use that mode.

Easier HTML game uploading

The Twiny jam was a great success with 240 submissions. We noticed some people were getting caught up on the requirement to upload a zip file containing your HTML file, so it’s now possible to upload just an .html file to have your game display.

Fullscreen and mobile options for HTML games

A lot of HTML games work great in many sizes, many look best when taking up the entire screen. You can now enable a discrete fullscreen button on your game when uploading an HTML game. It will be overlayed on the bottom right corner of the game.

Additionally, if your game is capable of being played on a mobile device you can enable Mobile friendly mode. This will automatically scale your game’s viewport to fit the device it’s being viewed on when things get narrow. This goes hand-in-hand with the recent mobile updates to game pages.

You’ll find these new options below the file list on the game edit page.


New filtering options on your game feed

On the top of all feed pages you’ll find new filtering options. In addition to seeing everything, you can filter by just new games, or updates to collections.

Check it out:


Improved purchase export tools

In order to make managing your records a bit easier there are two more purchase export pages that contained date range export options.

You can now export all purchases on your account to CSV in either month or year increments from the new global purchase export page. You can find it linked from the Purchases tab on your developer panel:

Additionally, both bundles and games can be individually exported using the new range options. You’ll find links to those on the respective analytics pages for sales and games.

The exported CSV files have been updated to also include any information about the new marketplace cut that got introduced with Open Revenue Sharing

Add external URLs as part of your files

Although is a great place for free hosting for your game, sometimes you might want a little more control over how your files are served. You can now “upload” a file that is a URL. Feel free to use this to link to the latest build on your server. You can find the Add external file button right next to the other upload buttons on the game edit page! Download counts will be tracked on your analytics like any other upload on

That’s all for now, stay tuned for some big updates in the near future!

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