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Make a tiny Twine (300 words or less)!

i picked this theme because i feel like low word count is a way to feel less intimidated about making something (i get stuck a lot on the vague feeling that a project should have something More) + focus on each individual detail and why it's being included.


Get Twine here

Upload it here (if you're like me and don't like how twine looks when it's embedded, you can change screen size in preferences and change the background color to match your twine's background so it feels more seamless (View Game > Change Appearance))

If you want to link to the game instead, an easy way to host Twine games is on Philomela (requires Twitter) or Dropbox or whatever.


Hot Tips

-Twine has a word counter (Story > Story Statistics). it doesn't count scripts or css (although it does count code inside normal passages, so it's up to you whether you count it or not. some people might want a challenge, others might want to focus on their writing. whatever is most fun for you!)

-If you want to do straight word count, you can export a proofing copy (File>Export>Proofing Copy) and do a word count from that.

-There are two versions of Twine: the online version and the desktop version. I like the desktop version personally (more compatible with plug-ins) but the online version is probably compatible with more OS's. Desktop version is the only one with word count though.

-Sounds/images don't count toward the word limit

-don't make anything hateful etc

-if you have any questions feel free to ask me! <3

this is run by Porpentine, banner by Neotenomie.