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What kind of game to make?

A topic by ZacharyM created 9 days ago Views: 72 Replies: 4
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Hi. I am trying to become an indie game developer, but I can't seem to finish a game. I always end up getting somewhat bored during the creation process. Are there any types of games that you would recommend? P.S. If the game type is best done with a specific language, you can also state which one, as I know around 8 code languages. I can also use Unity or just pure code.

What you’re missing is not an idea, you’re missing discipline. All forms of art require work to be done before it can be finished, so it’s not surprising you’ve tired yourself out. Train yourself to keep going even in hard times, or take a break. By jumping from project to project, one won’t finish anything ever.

Thank you for replying and I think you are right. Sometimes I have multiple small projects going that never get finished.


Start small. I can’t stress this enough.

Everyone sees successful games out there, and think they can make the same thing alone. Start by making a very very simple game. It can be a rock-paper-scizzors game, or a pong-clone. It doesn’t need to be fancy, and have 15 different game modes and online play.

When you finish the game, move to a new one, which is slightly different, or a completely new genre. This time a lot of the organizing will be easier to do, so it will be easier to “fit it in your head”.

Working on the same project for months, or even years, can be very tiring, especially if its one of your first projects, which has more chances of not being a hit.


After I read this I decided to try to make the pong clone. I just finished and this is the link.