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Strive for Power

Fantasy Slave Management/RPG Erotic Game · By Strive4Power

Leo's Mod

A topic by Leonais created 27 days ago Views: 2,231 Replies: 22
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Download link!s9Q1lagT!Z3PX9ILrRfqddAKiKN7rawwSUAgyW-0NcdWiVyn5uZc
Recommended bugfix v3g was released on the Strive discord channel.
My copy of v3g!R5JXzSgJ!uNs8H3PnnnLEgGdgXiTA69YmR6TxBNi47iVEBwHLMns

This is the combination of two of my previous mods plus some new extra features.
- Magic Mirror story quest mod
- Full support for starting in Gorn and Frostford
- Assorted game rebalancing for the combat and economics
- Optional payment system (charity scheme) for players who want a long term money challenge

Recommended for story mode. Not tested in sandbox.
Recommended for play with Randomportraits mod.
Tested with Strive v05.25 with bugfix v3g.

Full list of changes

Similar to the previous mirror quest (see walkthrough). Starts after advancing far enough in the mage guild. You can now permanently throw away the mirror after looking into it.
Entries for the mirror and brothel quests in the quest log.

Repeatable guild quests are available only in the home city.
New repeatable quests for each city with new completion conditions.
The slave guild has its own shop that sells your essential slavery items.
Permanent collars with the same effect as leather collars except they are permanent, are not an accessory, and come with a text tag.
You can spend TP (50,100) to reduce the away days for slave guild services.
The slaver's guild offers a charity scheme. This is a financial challenge that escalates weekly. It gives no reward. It is entirely optional.
Minor changes the slave populations in the slave guild.
Can no longer sell untamed monsters to the guild (can still quicksell). Some minor sale price balancing.

Rest is available in cities and villages.
Can meet the chancellor (to start the main quest) in your home town.
Level up requests made suitable for Frostford & Gorn with futher rebalancing to make them less obstructive.
New balanced set of jobs available with different jobs based on your home city.
Brothel is now always avaialble in your home city.
Three quests are available at the brothel to improve prostitution, access escort jobs, and access exotic whores.
Sex traits are now important in reducing stress and increasing income from sex jobs.
Some weapons and armour changes, generally rebalancing ability point requirements, energy costs. Check these before you buy them!
New items shortbow, spear, and battleaxe with their own effects. Claymore has a new effect.
Magic items are named, enchants are simplified, and some items have a standard enchant.
Recipes for beauty potion and hair dye. Minor potion rebalancing.
Panic status (-5 speed) added in combat for slaves with over 100 stress

Guidance returns the party directly to the Mage Guild (Wimborn).
Invigorate removed.
Heal, Dream, Sedation, and Fear changed slightly.
Acid Spit deals damage over a number of turns.

Enemies have a new ability point generation method that eliminated a few older bugs and will give similar or slightly less AP than guild slaves.
Enemies are created with a range of levels, also some slight level changes to zones.

Minor changes to forest bandits in Cali's quest
Main quest step added to quickly raise Frostford reputation (since you can't do Frostford guild quests if it's not your home)
Taurans have migrated and you might need to look for them (in the plains)
Demons no longer walk the swamp
Monsters are better at escaping
Undercity library moved to the tunnels
Cook can no longer buy food in Frostfood
Minor vendor changes in each city

You should be able to switch between playing this mod and playing the base game. Some errors messages may get logged for legacy items (like spears) when shopping. To fix these, take a copy of the files/scripts/ file with the Leo mod applied and use it to replace the same file in the base game. Permanent collars will also create log errors at end of day. To fix these, take a copy of the files/scripts/ file with the Leo mod applied and use it to replace the same file in the base game.

If anyone wants to copy any code or part of this mod please feel free to do so.

looks fun, but troublesome for me to play with,  great improvment and good to have another mod in strive

My name is Smaug and this is my favorite mod in the citadel

Figured Id give your mod a spin, have been trying to make it work for a while now. Every time I either start a new game or load an existing save, the game doesnt load any information beyond the basic UI framework and gives a Parse error: At:res://files/scripts/ Error: Reload: Method/Function Failed, returning ERR_PARSE_ERROR at: modules/gdscript/gdscript.cpp:580 followed by another error about 'corejobs' and a whole bunc of nonexistent function errors.

Ive tried removing all files from the mod folder, only putting in this mod, and downloading a fresh copy of Strive and trying to run the game with that. Nothing seems to work.

Mansion line 4113 isn't doing anything that should cause this error so my first guess is that it is something to do with how your mod is loaded. Have you been able to get other mods to work?
Have you downloaded the latest version of the base game from discord?
This mod should run with randomportraits but anything else might cause problems.
After applying this mod in the mod screen ( or resetting the mods) exit the game and restart to make sure the game is reloaded fully.

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In your, "brothelquestdict" and "mirrorquestdict" both have a space after the leading "{".

Edit: Also, you need a non-empty line between multi-line variable definitions, add a comment line between "brothelquestdict" and "mirrorquestdict".

OK? What's the significance of that? It seems to compile and run on my machine.

If this is an error, would it be picked up in a GD editor as I'm using notepad at the moment.

(2 edits)

If you are using my bugfixed mod system, it shouldn't cause problems. But the original regexs were problematic. Edit2: to explain simply, your extra space is the equivalent to forgotting to include a semi-colon to your code so it blew up.

If you know regex, then "regex_string_dictionary["VAR"]" will tell you more how it should be structured. Otherwise, this will need to be a Discord explanation as it will be quite lengthy.

ok logging on.

Arics works just fine for me. To make sure that it wasnt the issue I did a clean install of Strive from the site and made sure that there was nothing in the the mods folder in appdata, but it sounds like there were some problems with spaces (ive done some custom spells and other light modding to strive so I know how annoying those can be), so Ill wait for things to get fixed and try again later.

I think I encountered a similar issue as Dartanis. I ended up manually copying in the `brothelquestdict` and `mirrorquestdict` to the end of the built file after applying mods, as it appeared that they weren't populating correctly.

It appears that the level up request `learningrequest` is not added to the `leveluprequests` dictionary in `jobs&`

(1 edit)

The code calls after the game is loaded to populate the dictionaries with new values such as learningrequest. This is mainly done this way to avoid some of the code merge problems. When you look at the modded jobs& file you will see the base game definitions but the values from Leodata should be used when the game runs.

Mirrorquestdict and Brothelquest dict are new dictionaries that should be defined in the file after modding. If they are missing when the rest of mod has merged in then it does look like a merge error. I really hope this isn't a code merge problem as I've pretty much done all I can (with the file architecture) to eradicate those problems.

Any more information you can give me may still help though and I can perhaps just try to fix this through 'trial and error'.

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Right, this might be quite a technical problem with errors from white space characters in the code. Ank has given me some advice and I'll try to fix it tomorrow with a new version which will also have one or two goodies that I thought were too difficult to code (but actually were not).

Posted up V1.1.

I've not been able to reproduce these problems but it will hopefully be fixed by either v1.1 code changes, using v3g, or both. To apply v3g take a clean Strive installation, copy the 3g files over the base game files, then run Strive for the first time to create a backup incluing v3g. After that you can use mods and they will inherit the 3g changes.

V1.1 also includes permanent collars. Go into the slave guild and buy can get a collar for a slave with a custom name tag and it doesn't use an accessory slot.

Quick update: 1.1 and bugfixes did the trick, loads existing games just fine for me now. Will start a new game and see if I cant find anything still broken :P

I've attempted to apply v3g and the new version as instructed. Right way there was an issue with the `guidanceeffect` function being read: it looks like the built file was smashing  `return text` into the next function. I added an extra line, reloaded the line, and it appears to be fine now.

I also encountered the following messages in the console, I'm guessing they merit further investigation.

ERROR: load_source_code: Condition ' err ' is true. returned: err
   At: modules/gdscript/gdscript.cpp:813
ERROR: load: Condition ' err != OK ' is true. returned: RES()
   At: modules/gdscript/gdscript.cpp:2172
ERROR: Failed loading resource: user://mods/Leo/
   At: core/io/resource_loader.cpp:285
SCRIPT ERROR: _ready: Attempt to call function 'new' in base 'null instance' on a null instance.
          At: res://files/scripts/
SCRIPT ERROR: shopbuy: Invalid get index 'guildshop' (on base: 'Dictionary').
          At: res://files/scripts/

Hold up, I think I see part of the problem. When looking at the mod folder I thought I had to pull the whole thing up a directory based on where the info/scripts were located, but it looks like loading `Leodata` was dependent upon digging deeper. Will try it without being clever and see what happens.

Ok, so what I was supposed to do was to copy the enclosed "Leo" folder into mods, and ignore the outer shell with version number. Much better.

The outer directory is the zip file extraction.

I finally got to finish the mirror quest ( or at least I think I did )


I thought it was an excellent quest. I was a little bit on the confused side at times, and getting that initial "unlock" took some extra work since I was a halfkin fox, didn't want to mod myself, and didn't exactly have a glut of them in the Wimborn area. The mirror investigations were also neat.

Suggestions I have:

  • Perhaps allow notes about what Romi has clued you into at least once into the sidequests description? For example, mentioning the specific potion that she mentioned, or the special thing about the dolls the toymaker created?
  • In addition to her augments Romi came out with Passive, Infertile, and Devoted for me. I think that for a character earned through this kind of elaborate process "Grateful" would be very fitting.

Finally, any plans to expand on Romi's backstory?

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Has anyone gotten this mod to work with both aric's and constants? It fails to pull up the town screens when I try...

edit: amongst other function failures, esp attempts to concatenate str and array via + operator, the game yields "invalid get index 'zones' (on base: control)"

Constants? Yes, no problem (switch load order if it doesnt work). Arics? A big fat noooooooope. Im no expert but based on the files both modify Id say Arics and Leos are mutualy exclusive unless someone does a fair bit of work to include one mods functionality in the other, but even then their going to have to resolve some contradictions.

And I agree with RustyRoost, Romi should really come out with Grateful, considering how much effort can potentialy go into making a character match the description. The quest step to find the toymaker could use a hint on where to go as well. As I recall I despite "a fair number of attempts" I was unable to figure out what 2nd potion was needed, and where to go. Luckily the walkthrogh in the mod files had the anwsers so I wasnt stuck.

Also, if at all possible, a description on what the new abilities do in the items (or somewhere else) would be a good addition. Spear adds first strike, but what does first strike do? The bows ability needs to add more than 2x damage or armor piercing for it to be usefull due to action economy. You dont want to use an ability that spends a turn if you end up doing less damage than if you just attacked twice.

Overall though, its a nice mod that spices things up a bit and makes exploration feel more like what it used to be in Strive before you figure out you can just spam invigorate and then camp+sedation everyone back to normal when your done.