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Doesn't it say that you are limited to day 5 for the demo after you complete it? Like in the game itself? Or am I misremembering.

Good for you!

You've updated the game, but Violette's name has not been updated on the main page. I assume that could be because of a lack of a description for her yet.
Anyway, as for a publisher, I do have one I know of that's active on Itch. They go by Shady Corner. They do have this game on one of their collections of itch games called "Sexy Games You Should Try", so maybe you could reach out.

The Assassin's hair has the same problem as the guard did last time

Looking at the previous blog to try to find context, I think this insuates something.

Was it intentional to lock the hair for the guard behind Patreon but not the other parts for the payed version or was that an accident

It looks like I'm not the only one having this issue, but in the rising lava level it is impossible to progress as intended because the pass through platforms at the second solid platform are just a pixel or two too high, making it impossible for the characters without two jumps to progress. I only managed to get past it by getting Gratia up to the level, then having Elle get up to the box by using a wall jump, which only Elle and Gratia can do, then pushing the box all the way back down to the platforms on the right, which was it's own glitchy work around, so that ? could climb up.

Well, the description of the game does say it is "handpainted", which is probably why it's taking awhile. Traditional animation is very slow.
This is assuming that isn't just the style of it and it's being done faster through some digital method, as I haven't played the demo in awhile.

I don't know if you noticed, but the deluxe edition is labeled as the free version and vice versa.

Could you add a screen size option or make the screen snap to your screen size if possible. When I boot up the game, the game does go fullscreen, but the game window is too large so the text and buttons go off the screen.
I tried playing on the browser version as well and, well, it wouldn't load for me.  It just fails to fetch. I am running on Windows.

Looks very nice

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Then this must be a mistake, because atleast some of the Kinkaid stuff is in the public demo. It's the first thing I noticed when I entered the first level again for the new item. (I say atleast because I don't know how much content there is in total versus what managed to squeak by getting into the public demo)

Will the new animations for the Kinkaid crossover thingy not be put in the gallery? I don't see any of the animations in there. They are not in the Level 1 or Special galleries? 

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This game is really cool. It's kinda like Sonic with a sword, and that's kinda cool (I don't mean to offend you by that). The controls all feels really fluid, and it was fun just to be playing it, even with the lewd scenes (I played with them on, but immediately pressed space, but everything that happens with it turned on didn't feel like it slowed down the pace too much.) The art is also really nice.
My only gripe is those DAMN SCARABS. More specifically, the moving ones. Above checkpoint 4, I almost missed a secret because I didn't even know the scarab was there to jump off of originally as it has a very long flight path, and the punishment for failing is climbing all the way back up there. Once you do get back there, you have to wait awhile for the scarab to come back. And right after that, after getting past that challenge, there is a really long climb up where you need to bounce on the scarab multiple times, and if you fail and fall down, you have to wait 15 seconds for it to move all the way back to the spot it was for a retry. This especially hurts when you are all the way at the bottom, or just missed the collectible at the top, you have to wait the entire time.

What I would recommend doing is placing two scarabs there with the same path, but each start on opposite ends. That way, it's not making the challenge any harder, but it's cutting down the waiting time between attempts, as you already used up their time for failing the challenge. This just makes it frustrating. That's all I have to say.
Edit: Oh, one other thing that's just personal. Please increase the height attacking in the air raises you by slightly. It would be really cool as a repositioning tool in the air.

Well, if you take a look at the previous updates to the public version, they all have come out roughly 15-20 days after, so wait till sometime around then.

The announcement literally says "Patron Release ETA". Not only is it saying Patron only on the announcement, it also is saying ETA, estimated time of release, meaning it not out at all.
If you had read the announcement, you would also know the date it is released, as it gives it in the post.

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Have you figured out how to get it? I think it would be completing everything but I thought I have done that.

The item is tied directly to story progression. Up your Passion.

Apparently if the breasts are lactating, Romi will say "she only used nursing potions as gifts for the toymaker." reffering to her previous master.

It unlocks the next gate on the right but thats still a W.I.P

I found a softlock in the below mansion area. The lift went up without me and then when I went in wondering what would happen if it came back down, it just traps you in there. I figured out how it happens. If you double jump next to it and move into it from ground level, it will start to rise (at least this is how I got it to activate for me).

I actually tried to figure out the same, and their is a way I found. Jump up top to the ledge above with the poison and get on the very edge of the platform, as you actually don't get hit there. Grab the rose as soon as she is not looking and then book it to follow behind her. When she reaches the stairs she turns around immediately so jump over her when she reaches them. Then because you are above her she doesn't see you and also doesn't follow you up the stairs.

Is this about to be an extremely small detail? Yes. Yes it is. 

If you check the door to go to storage during the scene where you have to find the chickens, there is no space between "should" and "be". It creates shouldbe, and eldritch monster capable of destroying shovels. 

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You are probably already aware of this issue, but when picking up your first item in the tutorial, it gives you the winged boots along with the blue key. Then, later, you get the real winged boots. If you pick up the second winged boots you will have 2 of them in your inventory, which takes up 3 slots. If you pick another item over the 6 slot limit, it gets completely erased from your inventory, softlocking you. It also seemingly makes the roses impossible to put in, as you all 3 roses at the same time and the clock hand to enter, softlocking you if you do the tutorial.

Edit: I figured out the source of the issue. When I exited my file where I was softlocked to the main menu, then started a new game, after I picked up the first item (the red book), the items from that softlocked file appeared in my inventory along with the book. It is taking the inventory and when picking up an item sending it to the other save file. This only happened to me in the tutorial because I have a routine of always hitting continue or load first just to see what happens.

True. And do you mean the block pushing puzzle? Or is there another thing I need to do there I haven't figured out?

I'm back again with my 100% issue. I'm at 97% and I dont know what aditional content I need to do. I beat both campaigns and have all the scenes, but I dont know what else to do. I've gotten all the map rewards, unless I'm missing only one of those, which wouldnt make up for 3%,I know there is the church sidequest, but I don't know if I've completed that or not. I think they may have asked me to do something but I cant repeat that text. I did deliver the things to the nuns in the dessert town and went back, and have everything on the right of the church opened up. I did the vagabond sidequest. I dont know what else is left to do.

I played a previous version and looked at a guide for how the story should progress, but the part on the basic path where val get's hypnotized by drake never happens. At first I thought the story had changed actions a bit as I hadn't played in awhile (Like maybe 0.50 or earlier or something), but after doing a few things, val randomly left saying she didn't like how you had slaves, and leaves, which from what I saw on the walkthrough seemed more like the control path, and then when going to Dr. Tiff's office I could give up the slaves and Dr. Tiff acted like she already knew you were doing this, even though I just started the game. I only had three slaves as well. But that has no correlation as I tried doing things in many different orders and with different amounts of slaves and nothing happened.


I thought of an Idea. I could try to find someone in the forums that has an 100% complete file, then they can compare what I've missed.

Yeah they are selling lust drafts. I had 96% when it was 1.0.0, so I'm missing something from then. 

Well, time to continue searching.

I tried talking to her multiple times, and asked about business, and they said they might need materials later, what do I need to do about that?

Never heard of it,  but I think I did it, but I'll try checking that. 

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Im still missing 5% of completion in 1.0.5. I completed the Nun Sidequest, all the maps, got all the gallery, Maid stuff, all monster stuff in the castle, and the camp. I still don't have the faintest Idea what I'm missing. I also did all the hidden puzzles. Help?

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The three trees out front by the whirlpool with the shell charm? I've tried there a bunch of times and found nothing.

Edit: I'm an idiot. I was overthinking this and using my shovel.

No, I just need to interact.

It is right in front of my character.  It also says this is the mine-shaft on that sign to the right.

As to the treasure locations, I have no clue.

I've looked all over, I can't find the location of the treasure in-between 3 trees. Help?

In the top left of the cellar there is new instructions. To reset the levers, flip the grey one.

action number 1
of Other Event: User Defined 5
for object obj_dungeoncontroller:

Push :: Execution Error - Variable Index [0,6] out of range [1,6] - -7._dungeonMonsterSpecies(100003,6)
at gml_Script_dungeon_respawn_monster
stack frame is
gml_Script_dungeon_respawn_monster (line -1)
called from - gml_Object_obj_dungeoncontroller_Other_11 (line -1) - <unknown source line>
called from - gml_Object_obj_dungeoncontroller_Step_0 (line -1) - <unknown source line>

This just happened randomly in the temple. No idea why. I'm going to use the monster repellent till the problem in temple is fixed.