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ty, i love your game :)

how do i open the walkthrough archive?

Thanks for your detailed guide :D

i just didt and it worked, i was messing up with the order of installation



this one works with arics exp?

does this one works with Arics expansion?

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As a new player i didn't know about it, lul, i just used the quick start option, i didn't know the game was actually good and had this character creation UI.

That being said, the diference between drows and dark elfs is that of skin color. And i think that the only real diference(physically speaking) between a normal elf and dark elf is that dark elfs use ponytails independent of its hair size, basically the game led me to believe that dark elfs is just a minor tribe that was separated from the elfs some time ago and the only diference is a cultural one. Its ok i guess.

Thanks for the help :).

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What physical atribute a Drow should differ from a Dark Elf? Like, "oh, dark elfs have pointed ears, but drows don't" or something like that. Since in game they are distinc race, i'm curious about what make then diferent.

So, i explored the character creation UI, and the physical difference between those 2 (elfs and dark elfs) wasn't clear to me... These both are just the same race with different cultures? Or i didn't paid attention to their physical characteristics?

hey, thanks :)

dude, i need to learn japanese '.'

Yaaa, how is it going? I woudn't minf if you repost the original foulder tho.

sooo, reup plz? thansk :)

MGQ is broken, could you plz reupload? pretty plz?? thanks :)

lul, wonder if you did it.

i wouldn't use images with "modern cloths", it would ruin the mood for me, nude neither. I prefer images that match with the general game tematic and have cloths, even if they are sensual cloths.

Thanks for the hard work :)

REUPLOD plssssssss

HP new year :)