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Strive for Power

Fantasy Slave Management/RPG Erotic Game · By Strive4Power

Bad end portrait pack (Body/Nude/Pregnant/Portrait) Updated 12/19 + Curated Mega

A topic by GabrielSeth created Dec 08, 2019 Views: 15,291 Replies: 23
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I haven't really been a part of the community, but I figured I'd offer up some things I've been working on.

Two different portrait packs here, one made by me and another that is a restructuring of the previous mega packs with better organization

Bad End Portrait Pack MK2 - It's not happily ever after for those bandits you beat up and drag back to the mansion. This pack takes advantage of Aric's Expansion Rebred v.08.1 which allows for different images to be displayed based on the state of the girls in your "care," so you will need that. Stripping them will allow a nude/whatever you put in the bodiesnaked folder to be used, and if the girl is pregnant a pregnancy picture will be displayed.

Most of the girls aren't too happy in their full body nude or pregnant pictures, so this might not be appropriate for the kind-hearted slaver.

Please heed the following warnings:

1) There are only female characters currently

2) Many of the naked and pregnant full body pictures include sexual acts. Male organs are typically blurred but may be present. If you are uncomfortable with sweat or fluids (why the hell are you playing this) this pack might not be for you. There are no scat or urination pictures unless I totally missed it though. There is some minor blood from pictures including defloration and milk from lactation. 

3) Some of the men involved might be orcs, demons, or other mean monsters. If you don't play as those races consider recruiting some bros to form a mighty slaving party to terrorize the countryside.

4) My editing skills suck and I haven't looked at about how 90% of the pictures look in game yet, so I have no idea if these things even really display correctly. The ones I did check were fine, but I was trying to find the girls naturally and it takes time (cheaters never win). Quality be damned, quantity is all.

OG PACK: there are 108 total characters with 432 new pictures: 2 drow, 4 dark elves, 4 demons, 3 dragonkin, 13 elves, 14 fairies, 1 halfkinbunny, 1 halfkinfox, 1 halfkincat, 2 harpies, 59 humans, 1 lamia, 2 nereid, 1 scylla, and 3 seraph

12/15 New Pack: 179 chracters with 716 new pictures: 6 Drow, 9 Dark Elves, 6 demons, 4 dragonkin, 34 elves, 15 fairies, 2  halfkin bunny, 5 halfkin cat, 1 halfkin fox, 2 harpies, 90 humans (I could add even more humans but I think we're good here for now), 1 lamia, 3 nereid, 2 scylla, and 6 seraph. Pretty big update for the elves and some various other monster girls. Still tough to find monster girl content but if its there I'll dig it out eventually.

Curated Mega Pack -  This is my attempt at fixing the problem that occurs if you download every pack you can find and then all it good. I had over 2GB of pictures and after going through and fixing file structure and deleting shit left and right its down to 1.2 GB so you are looking at about a 40% reduction in total numbers (And there are still over 2500 pictures). 

These are the changes I made 

1) No furry images outside of beastkin races. The dragon girls, taurus,  halfkin, and our aquatic waifus have been liberated from the scourge of furrydom. I recommend keeping everything active now and just executing all beastkin for peak gameplay. Praise the emperor and strike down his foes. 

2) Ugly girls have been removed from the game

3) Some extremely young pictures with gratuitous nudity are out. There are only a hand full of images that that qualify for that, it wasn't some great purge.

4) Almost all Race+Race files are gone. Most of these only had one or two pictures anyway, so they were just assigned to whatever they looked like most. I think I kept drow+dark elf and elf+dark elf

5) My portrait pack is included because I didn't keep a separate master file and I did this out of my game directory, and I'm not hunting for all those images to remove. Delete the bodiesnaked and bodiespreg pictures if you don't want that stuff. On the plus side if you do like it, its up to 131 characters which is 23 more than the separate pack.

As always you'll unzip this in C:\Users\[YOU]\AppData\Roaming\Strive. Actually I recommend unzipping it somewhere else and looking at it to make sure you like what you see and then deleting (or moving to a backup folder) and then moving this in.

(Text from old mega pack below this point)

There were some problems I noticed with the tagging system used by people in their portrait packs. Many times they didn't tag sex or age, and some of the other tags were also spotty. This is important because 1) The in game options allow for filtering of certain pictures and 2) The random portrait mod uses those tags to weight certain portraits towards being tagged, and every missing tag messes up that system.

The best way to do your tagging and folder structure is as follows

Main folder(bodies/portraits) / Race (elf/whatever) / Female / Age (Adult Teen Child) / Picture with tags

You do not need a folder for hair color. You do not need a folder for breast or ass size. Technically you don't even need a folder for race as far as the game is concerned but I feel like that is good just for keeping the files in order.

Then your picture should be tagged like RaceName HairColor BreastSize SkinColor AssSize. That will cover every kind of tag the game takes into consideration (since sadly we don't have eye color). 

If you look into whatever folders you currently have, if you never reorganized them yourselves, you'd probably notice you have hair color folders before the female/male and age folders. The game defaults all non gender tagged pictures to female, and since they are almost all female that isn't a big deal. It defaults all non age-tagged pictures to adult, which is more of an issue because if any of those pictures are younger they are less likely to show up unless its an adult character, where you might want pictures of older characters instead.

Anyway you might not care about all that but fixing that is why I reorganized and reuploaded the mega pack. Personally, I don't know which pictures belong to who but I believe credit was doled out on the previous mega pack post. As I said at the beginning of my post, I haven't really been involved with the community so if I step on any toes I apologize and will take things down if its an issue.

That being said if anything in either download violates any community standards I'm not aware of please inform me and I will take them down.

Edit: Oh, also I only have mediafire so if anyone cares to upload these to another filehost that is fine with me. I might get around to it later but I'm not promising anything at the moment.

Edit2: I encountered a problem with elf pictures not display naked bodies. All the pathways seemed correct and I had no idea what caused the issue. I made a backup folder, moved all my portrait related folders into it. I then put a copy of just the portrait folders from my pack in and everything worked great. I then recopied the full folders back over and just didn't copy anything that was a duplicate. Everything continued to work fine. I have no idea what caused that problem in game because nothing changed as far as file location but everything works now so if you encounter that problem, that will fix it.


Thanks for fixing the organization of the mega pack i uploaded. Ill have to go through and change the incorrectly named folders and update them to the way you have. I downloaded a bunch of packs and some arent labled like how you suggest, thats why you see folders with hair color listed (I didnt know that was an issue).

After looking through the mega pack again, I'm going to organize it again to get rid of the hair color folders once and for all. Also - I'm going to curate it bit,  delete all the ugly girls and "trim the fat" quite literally.  

Thatd be sweet if you would! If you want we can work together to get the pack all nice and organized, aswell as trim out the bad ones. I just dont have the time to go through all 3700+ of them and trim them.

Yeah that's a good plan.  These ugly pictures would be fine if you could link a portrait to initial appearance,  but since you can't (unless you set it manually, and that's no fun). It probably could be done actually but Im not sure I'd rather just delete the uggos.

I'm getting rid of
-Furry in non furry folders

-Split race folders

-Characters who look weird to the point of being alien

-Most CGI images

And keeping all the cute anime girls and even the cute western style girls.

But its not something that will be done today as I also have to go to work.

I was able to work on some last night, I got Arachna, BeastkinBunny/Cat/Fox/Tanuki/Wolf done. What im currently doing is making sure that all folders are in the portraits/RACE/Female or portraits/BOBIES/Female, then im going through them and taking out all the ones I dont like (cause they dont fit my standard of quality) or if they dont belong there. Then im combining all the multi-age folders into their respected folders. Ex: If there is a folder labeled TEEN+ADULT, I would first go through that folder and sort the images, then I would copy all the remaining images into the TEEN and ADULT folder, then do this with any other multi-age folders. My final step is to then go through the 3 main age categories and sort the images aswell as remove any duplicated that I may find.

Actually the random portrait mod recognizes split age folders like teen+adult and applies both tags to them so they can be chosen for either.  There isn't any harm in splitting them up though and honestly I wonder how tied up it gets when it has to look through so many folders. I haven't encountered any performance problems personally.

I kind of wonder how the random portrait mod runs compared to how it is documented anyway. I need to pay more attention to what girls come up in game, because it feels like I see a low variety over and over. I know the characters are persistent and you can encounter them more than once, but I need to start looking to see what folders it pulls each character from just so I can assure my own paranoid that it works as intended.

Or I just have to start executing every captive.

I was experiencing the same thing, I noticed whenever i started a game up just to test out and ensure that the portraits were working, i noticed how the same 3-7 images (depending on # of images in the main folder) were coming up. But once i started to play i rarely encountered the same image twice, so im not entirely sure how the mod pulls images either.

You're doing the good work here, sir.

this is amazing, i cant wait to see effect once you end all of that :)

Hey where did you get the pictures, because I noticed that its mostly CGI from VNs and there was a few character that I didn't know from which VN was it from and I would love to play that VNs which is those characters pictures from.


We're going to need to narrow the field a little bit.

Damn, your the real deal. Anyway the one I am looking for is where the 'Demon Purple TitsS SkinL AssS' character in. (Demon>Female>Loli+Teen).

Vouivre Nivernais from Venus Blood: Lagoon.

She's actually a dragon girl and not a demon girl but you can't really tell that so I went with what I thought people would assume if they saw her.

yo could you send me a list of the games in that folder? or even a few screenshots? 


Here's a screenshot with some of the companies from the Nukige folder. I'd just go to VNDB, plug in one of those names, and look at the games they make.

Then you'll start following tags and get completely lost finding way too much shit.

holy fuck theres so many of them, are they all translated into english?


None of those are in English. There's a reason its the Japanese VN folder.
I have ~ 700 GB of English stuff but I haven't pulled a single picture from them because 99% of translated stuff is vanilla and isn't going to contain monster girls, pregnancy, or pregnant monster girls. .

fair enough

dude, i need to learn japanese '.'


Actually I'm also curious to hear what people think about using things like Honey Select or Koikatsu to create characters to use. I can even do the full gauntlet of Clothed/nude/pregnant. 


Or Honey Select

Just curious as to how people feel about those styles. I guess there really doesn't need to be an infinite amount of girls made and I'm not sure how much worth there is in creating a bunch more content, but I feel like I create halfway decently cute girls in both creators and it wouldn't take me long to make some.

Honestly to me id love to see more girls made in both koikatsu and honey select.

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I think they look great! And with all the versions is awesome. It's up to you in the end, but I know there's certainly people who would use them if you did, and I personally like the style of both.

above girls in current versions are not my preferences, would love to see usage of said games for more uncommon races

elf and humans and even catgirls are super popular, but drows and orc girls should be doable with it and we have shortages there ^^

big tits and slave collars and send them to me please :D