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Well, I managed to find a save editing solution to this problem after all.

Permanent crawling because of handcuffs fix with save editing:

Remove handcuffs ingame from the slave if they still have them, then save. Open the save in notepad++ or some other text editing software. Find the first name of the slave that has permanent crawling, search the next instance of "restrained": and replace "restrained":"cuffed" with "restrained":"none".

When I loaded the save, the game automaticaly detected that this slave should not be crawling and changed back to normal. 

If you used handcuffs on her as I recall there is a bug that makes the handcuff effect permanent, even if you remove the cuffs. I dont usually use them so I havent ran into this bug myself. I can tell from the picture that its not her brest size, nor anything else obvious like no energy or negative str. The only other thing I can think of is if she has the pet harness? If not then its the handcuff bug. Ill see if I can do some save editing magic to remove the effect if/when I can replicate it myself, but from what I remember there was no fix for this when it was being discussed here. Restoring an earlier save without handcuffs may be the only option. If you havent used handcuffs on them and this is some other random bug, a bit of save editing should do the trick to return them to normal.

Its a bug. There is currently no reliable way for them to be ok with it if you have their consent (except sometimes randomly), and I think the "sometimes randomly" happens specificaly when you DONT have consent. You can easily edit them to be ok with the baby by editing save files. Open the save file (go to your saves ingame and choose "Open Folder" to easily find their location) in Notepad++ or something similar, then find the slave by searching their first name and from their name find the next instance of "wantedpregnancy" . Change "wantedpregnancy":false to "wantedpregnancy":true AFTER they become pregnant. If you try to do it before, the bug will overwrite it back to false. A bit tedious, but it works as a workaround untill Aric gets us the next version that hopefuly fixes this and the balloonlike expansion of breasts.

I can do another picture if you give me a link to it and its at least 750 pixels in height. Anything less than that tends to look really pixelated.

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Found a picture that needed next to no work in GIMP. Copy those into the Strive body and portraits folder respectively (right click over picture -> save image as) and you should be good, their pretty high resolution so they should look good ingame. Just make sure their in PNG format when you save them to your computer.

Constants? Yes, no problem (switch load order if it doesnt work). Arics? A big fat noooooooope. Im no expert but based on the files both modify Id say Arics and Leos are mutualy exclusive unless someone does a fair bit of work to include one mods functionality in the other, but even then their going to have to resolve some contradictions.

And I agree with RustyRoost, Romi should really come out with Grateful, considering how much effort can potentialy go into making a character match the description. The quest step to find the toymaker could use a hint on where to go as well. As I recall I despite "a fair number of attempts" I was unable to figure out what 2nd potion was needed, and where to go. Luckily the walkthrogh in the mod files had the anwsers so I wasnt stuck.

Also, if at all possible, a description on what the new abilities do in the items (or somewhere else) would be a good addition. Spear adds first strike, but what does first strike do? The bows ability needs to add more than 2x damage or armor piercing for it to be usefull due to action economy. You dont want to use an ability that spends a turn if you end up doing less damage than if you just attacked twice.

Overall though, its a nice mod that spices things up a bit and makes exploration feel more like what it used to be in Strive before you figure out you can just spam invigorate and then camp+sedation everyone back to normal when your done.

Praising is tied to the interaction system, it used to be part of the "talk" option long ago if memory serves. There is a button just below Quest Log called Interaction in the main mansion screen. From there, just select the slave you wish to interact with, the options you are specificaly looking for are under "Discipline".

Praising can be used twice to significantly lower your slaves stress and give a small boost to loyalty, but it doesnt work if your slave is not near or at max obedience. "Scold" increases fear and stress, which can be usefull if you are low on mana and dont have a fear spell handy. You can find a lot of other stuff that either increases obedience, loyalty or fear, and the "Teach" option under "Actions" increases learning points. You generaly dont want to increase stress, but most actions that increase fear, increase stress and, teaching, the best way to gain learning points gives small amounts of stress.

Quick update: 1.1 and bugfixes did the trick, loads existing games just fine for me now. Will start a new game and see if I cant find anything still broken :P

Arics works just fine for me. To make sure that it wasnt the issue I did a clean install of Strive from the site and made sure that there was nothing in the the mods folder in appdata, but it sounds like there were some problems with spaces (ive done some custom spells and other light modding to strive so I know how annoying those can be), so Ill wait for things to get fixed and try again later.

Figured Id give your mod a spin, have been trying to make it work for a while now. Every time I either start a new game or load an existing save, the game doesnt load any information beyond the basic UI framework and gives a Parse error: At:res://files/scripts/ Error: Reload: Method/Function Failed, returning ERR_PARSE_ERROR at: modules/gdscript/gdscript.cpp:580 followed by another error about 'corejobs' and a whole bunc of nonexistent function errors.

Ive tried removing all files from the mod folder, only putting in this mod, and downloading a fresh copy of Strive and trying to run the game with that. Nothing seems to work.