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500 File Limit

A topic by pathetique created 26 days ago Views: 111 Replies: 15
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I was just wondering how quickly an admin/moderator could get back to me on granting access in uploading a project larger than 500 files. Unfortunately, I am working on a time limit and have a short game around 1200 files.

I figured posting here might be more convenient and accessible than emailing.

Thank you.


Please contact support first. If they're busy and don't answer timely, then sure, I can ask an admin to help you. But support is there for exactly this sort of thing. Try talking to them.

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Alright, thanks!

I emailed them beforehand - I suppose I'll wait a bit longer to see how things turn out.


I've send a twitter tweet and email to support, but it's been more than 2 days. How on average it takes time to wait for response?


Twitter is not a proper support channel. With e-mail, it depends. Can you wait another day or two?

Sure. No problem.


It's been a week. Could you contact someone to respond to my request for a game I'm making? Ideally to remove that restriction. It's low sized files, but a lot of them. For this project (NSFW)

That would be a huge help.

Thanks :)


Sure thing.



It's been almost five days since I originally sent an email and have yet to receive a reply. I hate to be a bother, but it would be great if I could get help from an admin. I'm so sorry for the trouble!


The default file count limit is to encourage people from uploading projects that aren’t optimized for play in the browser. If you have thousands of files then I strongly recommend making a downloadable version of your game.

From the common pitfalls section in the link above:

Uploading a very large game — Although many game engines allow you to export anything as an HTML5 project, often you need to consider what the user experience of playing the game will be like. For larger games, it’s often better to go for a downloadable version. This is why we have default limitations for project sizes (although you can contact us if you need lifted limits). Projects can still be easy to play with the app. You can think of an HTML5 project like a website: many of the same performance optimization recommendations still apply.

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I’m not too familiar with, though I was hoping I’d be able to upload the actual game itself (rather than a downloadable link) so that it would remain playable in the browser on a mobile device that may not be able to download such files.

Would such an option be available? Or is there an alternative in making a larger game playable on mobile?


A mobile device would struggle even more with such a big game. :) The only real solutions are to 1) make it native and 2) make it smaller. Ideally both. :)

Sorry, what does it mean to make a game native?


Think "executable". An actual application for the player's operating system. Not running in the browser.

Would around 900 files suffice for placing the game into the browser? I've been trying to compress and minimize the amount of files as best as possible.

Moderator (1 edit)

This is still almost twice the default limit. If you really can't shrink the game any further, I'll show this to an admin again. Just keep in mind that a lot of potential players will have trouble running your game.