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Bot message spammer

A topic by Nonoplayer created 42 days ago Views: 127 Replies: 8
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I am getting these bot spamming messages daily on my page. Is there a way to deal with them effectively other than deleting them manually?

Getting them daily here, too. I suppose right now the best we can do is report them and purge their messages. Though I wonder how viable it'd be to get some kind of captcha up for comments? At least for new accounts as a precaution.


Hey all, sorry for the spam showing up on your page. We process a lot of spam daily but sometimes spammers find a way around our system. We've been purging their posts and updating our blocking rules in response to their attempts to spam. We also do already have captcha on comments for accounts with suspicious behavior.


Thank you leafo. It is tough to deal with them >_< It seems they have lots of accounts. Hard to ban them all.
I don't have good suggestion :P

I’m getting those same ones the past couple of weeks. I dunno how viable this is, but maybe a rule where new users can’t post more than 5 links on game pages per day could help? A really involved solution would be a game page option to require moderator approval before comments appear, like on amazon reviews


Community moderators have no power over game pages, so we can't help with that. Sorry. Each game page is its own mini-community, moderated by the game's creator. That's an idea though, I'll show it to our admins.

Ah yeah, by moderator I meant the game page's moderator (the creator)! It wouldn't be feasible for community moderators to deal with all that


Generally when they see us banning their domains and deleting all their accounts they tend to give up, but this particular person is very stubborn switching to new throwaway domains and emails, modifying their message, etc. I think we're going to have to add some stricter rules about posting in response to this. Thanks for the suggestion.

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I'm joking, of course...Just my 2 cents of disappointment for the inconvenience + another 2 cents of gratitude to the admins who are working hard to fix this for us... :)