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Aww thanks~ Yea those endings are just placeholder for now^^

Thanks mate~ Steam, yes I do am considering it.

Okay thank you for letting me know. What OS are you playing it on?

Do you have any mature monsters?

No Android version yet. But yes I can try making Android builds in the future.

Of course! We are catching up with the lore and bonding stories currently. Moth is ready in v4.02.

Yea I hear you, I will work on those skills in Instinct soon.
Special Bond is not quite developed yet also ^^

Thanks~ Not all species can be found in the nature. Some require breeding.

You need to unlock the skills from Instinct. The first skill is the world map where you can explore other areas. But Bonding is a feature where you can mix and match to create new species, if you understand the mechanism and have the ingredients.

Thank you for letting me know. What version are you playing, web or downloaded exe/swf? And what OS(Windows/Mac) are you using?

Thank you for liking the game ^^ 

The 3rd skill is nursing, its requirement is getting a monster injured. Let me know if you see this description, it could be a bug if you don't.

Invade should be 4th or 5th skill.

Haha no worry. And thank you for trying the game. I also love Dubois, he is the most fun to design XD And I hear you, though we are a small crew, we can only craft as many animation within our abilities. There are a lot more species we want to create.

The downloadable versions are sometimes better in terms of performance, if you haven;t tried that already.

Haha thank you for trying and your kind words!

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Thank you for notifying me~ Just tested it now, confirmed an issue.  I will try to fix it, if not I have to contact itch.

Aww, thank you for the detailed feedback.
1.There won't be feed, play and gift in newer design. We just apply the item/craft when we want to use them.
2. Intelligence should be on the Map (click the eye icon), after scouting is being unlocked. If you can't find it then it could be a bug. Please let me know~
3. Wild encounter can be less random, we can partner with an appropriate monster while exploring, and Lilith would offer some hopefully useful advice about the direction.

Thank you for trying ^^ So how are you playing it, like web, swf or exe?

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Anyone with Flash Player installed can still play all the updates much like now. Newgrounds Player is also available:
And Air will still continue to be supported by Adobe.

Try public v4 that are just released. I have simplified it.

Downloadable version are easier:

To reuse your save, you must rename your newly downloaded file same as the one you saved your game, as well as putting it into the same directory of your previous file.  

It is more complicated to get web version's save to work for newer version. You have to find and replace new save by locating the path much like below:

Newgrounds save location (Firefox):
C:\Users\[user account name]\AppData\Roaming\Macromedia\Flash Player\#SharedObjects\[RANDOM LETTERS]\

You can gain relationship points (RP) through bonding, missions or battle. Some moods offer more points so it requires a bit planning in v4.

Thank you mate. Queen's Nest is designed for more rapid breeding, so it has a downside. Bonding offers more control when needed. Give public v4 a try if you haven't ^^

Sorry for the confusing UX/UI. Public v4 is out, I have simplified quite a bit. Give it a try if you haven't ^^

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Public v4 is out, you can give it a try ^^ Though it is not compatible with old saves.

Newgrounds save location (Firefox):
C:\Users\[user account name]\AppData\Roaming\Macromedia\Flash Player\#SharedObjects\[RANDOM LETTERS]\
Newgrounds save location (Chrome):
C:\Users\[user account name]\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Pepper Data\Shockwave Flash\WritableRoot\#SharedObjects\[RANDOM LETTERS]\\[RANDOM LETTERS]
itch save location (Firefox):
C:\Users\[user account name]\AppData\Roaming\Macromedia\Flash Player\#SharedObjects\[RANDOM LETTERS]\\itchio\upload2\game\[RANDOM LETTERS]

Local save location:
First narrow down the scope by going to this directory. **(See how to unhid AppData folder if you have it hidden:
C:\Users\[Your User Name]\AppData\Roaming\Macromedia\Flash Player\#SharedObjects\[Random Number]\localhost

And then search with the save's name: TTv4_Save.sol

This path should simulate where you store your exe or swf. For example, if the exe or swf is placed on your Desktop, TTv4_Save.sol should be inside a folder call Desktop. Also exe and swf saves aren't compatible with each other.

Thanks for reporting back~ I also tested it, confirm functioning properly^^

Thank you for your support mate. I believe it is fixed in v4, but thank you for reporting.

Thank you NioTech. They have been fixed in future versions.

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If you use Chrome to play web version, there is a possibility it wasn't saved. By clicking a few more times I was able to save it somehow. I suspect Chrome has started to eliminate some shareobjects(save data) that Flash uses.

I strongly suggest downloading and playing the swf or exe versions above. Though be aware that the next public version(v4.00) would not be compatible with older saves.

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There is no plan for translation yet, as there will be 300+k words. I want to finish most core features before working on translation. But thank you for the offer!

Haha, good to know you are putting some mouse to work ^O^

Thank you mate.

Sure Alex, my pleasure ^^

Okay thanks I will investigate.

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Thank you mate~ 

I heard puffin works, though I have never tested it.

Not sure what phone you were using, but unfortunately the game doesn't support iOS nor Android yet.

I usually make post update on my Patreon page:

All available monsters are in the Tentacles Encyclopedia in the game, where it is not a question mark ^^

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You have to use Instinct to obtain more skillsets. I think Invade is the third/forth unlockable skillset.

Its the 5th skill, have to use Train to obtain special items on conquered territories.

I hear you.

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Just tested it, it works on my pc. Did you move the exe file after saving? Tell me more details.

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Okay thanks~ What version were you playing?