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Planet exploration and survival game with base building. · By Cairn4

My thoughts on the game.

A topic by Skyblaze71325 created Jan 12, 2017 Views: 956 Replies: 11
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So, I have bought the game and played Endless Mode to the 100 day mark ingame.

Overall, I think the game is fun and will keep you on your toes for the first 15-30 days. However, after that, I had a base capable of sustaining myself without too much hasstle.

I used a strategy where I built a buggy and built some reactors, an air purifier, a crafting bench, and an air-lock. I went out about 125 tiles and set up a quick temporary base where I would gather the resources of that area to bring back to my main base.

With the game still in development, It has a good foundation on it. However I did run into issues where the game would slow down over time and as I revealed more on the map.

As well, I would like to add my two cents for suggestions that could be added in the future.

Upgrades to the base modules / oxygen tanks / suit power. (though I never really used the flashlight that much)

Having an option to view hunger and health as bars near your oxygen bar.

Raising the time it takes for base modules to leak oxygen. (This was extremely annoying as it kept me from building giant bases due to the punishment of running to all the modules to patch them up.)

On that note, If a module does not have power or oxygen, and is not connected to the base, it should not be making a leaking sound and should not be able to leak. (I placed storage containers outside of my base to reduce the power cost and loss of oxygen of the main base since I could access the contents from outside the base module without power.)

Having Ice / Water / Grain be a renuable resource. (Having a freezing storm at random or creating an "aqueus acumulator" module to create Ice / Water from storms and the atmosphere.)

Being able to build roads with the stone material you aquire.

Online Multiplayer would be fun after more groundwork was set.

Otherwise, This game is pretty good, though by the time you clean out a location you have to pack up and move to get seeds / water / food to stay alive.


I really enjoying game but I must say, that oxygen leaks are very annoying, maybe solution is some robot helper (can be build in garage for example). Or some item which can upgrade base (some armor plates that you can add on room). Or some self-inteligent computer room, which do that, when there are somewhere oxygen leak, it will close door and room will go to carantene. Or something else...there are many possibilities.

Overall game is really great and i think it has great potencial. If there will be some coop mode it should be fun. Just imagin one player are maintaining base and care about gardening etc., another is going mining, one crating...maybe it will be great too if there are some kind of specialization (enginner, botanist, miner, electrician etc.).

Sorry for my english and thank for game I really enjoying it. ;)

The game is really good (I will certainly post more ideas after)
As for the leak problem, here is my 2 cents:
I think that the problem is that the possibility of the air leak is handled by tile and not by base.

For me it should (after some random times) see if the base have a malfuction, and if yes then a random tile belonging to the base should leak. Right now it seems that every tile is handled separately, so more tiles involve more dices rolls that could cause problem.

I also noted between two computer differences in the feeling (gameplay), Like the timer would use the time that has passed and not the number of frame elapsed (which means the game has a different feeling depending of your fps)

In any case, this is just my opinion/feeling, not actual facts.


While logically, failures should be proportional to the size of the base, your ability to deal with them only scales with the number of players (or repair bots if implemented).

This makes it a realism vs gameplay tradeoff.

Personally, I think the armor/upgrades idea could solve this. In order to make a larger base, you must make more durable modules so you can maintain your bigger house without spending more time doing that maintenance.


Hey Skyblaze, thanks for the suggestions! Let me try and quickly respond on the things you brought up...

(Man, you guys go way longer in endless mode than I usually do :) But that's cool - it's good to know what happens to the game's balance (or lack thereof) once you get that far).

More map revealed = slowdown: currently working on something for the next update that I'm hoping is going to help with that.

Upgrades of all sorts: on the list! (I still want to make a public roadmap kind of thing that people can see).

Hunger / health bars in the HUD - yeah been realizing that having actual bars instead of abstract text labels is probably a good idea. Planning to give the HUD a bit of an overhaul in the near future.

Bases with no oxygen shouldn't be making the leaking sound: yeah, I had actually tried to fix that when I originally added the air leaks into the game, but ran into a few issues with it. Will take another stab at fixing that.

Renewable resources: Good idea.

Roads / paths: a work in progress! Need more things to build with all that rock you accumulate.

Multiplayer: heh it *would* be cool - but realistically probably won't happen due to time/work involved in getting it to work well (and that the regular game still needs so much more done).

Thanks again!

I got this game yesterday and played quite a few hours today.

The foundation of the game is really neat! I really feel like Matt Damon in The Martian. I think the single most important feature at this point would be a set of challenges/missions to beat in addition to the quite simple standard mission. Right now there´s no real challenge to the game once you figured out what to do. A few ideas on the top of my head:

-Advanced mission: Survive longer with fewer resources on the map.

-Escape: Find your way to an escape pod located quite far away.

-Colonist: Start game with seeds and some food, no plants available in the wild. Build green houses.

-Power it up: Provide power to a far away research station (make it impossible to build generators close to it)

Other random ideas: I´d like to see a power/fuel level on the buggy to limit how far you can go. Corresponding to oxygen level, so you need to return to recharge it. It would also be cool with a bigger, slower buggy with it´s own storage unit. I´d also like to have a module that produces water so you can be fully self supportive.

I think this game has great potential, hope you continue to develop it!

Oh, and I think it would be able to find some stuff on the map (but not so easy). Eg crashed space ships, old broken modules, ancient temples. Something that makes exploring more interesting.

I´d also like to see exploration more dangerous. Maybe the buggy could break down very occasionally. I think the oxygen tank could be made a bit worse to make the base more important for survival.

@Cairn4 Thanks for the reply. Another idea might be to add engame goals down the road, like getting enough resources to build a domed city for future colonists. It would take a TON of resources to make, but it would be a doable goal.

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Yes, the "mission" mode is definitely too easy right now. I do not currently give this game away for free anywhere.
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Thanks for clarifying. I get your point on the scope of the game. There's definitely more in there than last July (which is when the price changed from free to paid), but maybe not leaps and bounds more. Still the basic set of biomes, similar planet resources etc. Just been a slow and steady process.

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Good Job on Pirating the game, now buy the real thing so you can recieve updates.

Is it realy worth it to Pirate a $3 - $4 game?

>>Good Job on Pirating the game, now buy the real thing so you can recieve updates.

Isn´t this exactly what he said he did? :D

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I had a lot of fun playing this, but to be honest, it was not too hard. I liked that, actually, but now, I don't really have much more to do. It doesn't need to be hard to be fun. Stardew Valley proved that a game doesn't have to be extremely hard to be fun. It does however need some additional work to make some more fun and more to do. For one, what am I supposed to do with all this scrap?

As for leaks, this is hands down not a real threat if you make your base modular. Redundancy is key.

I just wish there was more feline presence in it. Even just a meow,...