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Yes, the "mission" mode is definitely too easy right now. I do not currently give this game away for free anywhere.
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What? You definitely do haha there is a demo version for free and I played this years ago, it was 90% the same as I already said ;)

This is no problem at all and i dont even care about 3 Dollars, I have about 3000 Dollars wasted on Steam games, so - nope I dont give a ****.

But what I mean is that I seriously played this game 1-2 years ago (Kongregate? Armorgames? I dont remember) and it was barely different, bought it recently because I never forgot about it and was hoping that there is much more to do now.

Take your time, I totally understand that, I`m an artist myself but I just wanted to let you know that the difference between the free and the paid version is not really noticeable.

Thanks for clarifying. I get your point on the scope of the game. There's definitely more in there than last July (which is when the price changed from free to paid), but maybe not leaps and bounds more. Still the basic set of biomes, similar planet resources etc. Just been a slow and steady process.

Yes you are right, there is more in it and I enjoy the actual content way more than I do as with certain AAA games. Maybe I was to harsh with my judgement due to the high expectations ;)

Keep up the good work!

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And no I did not play the "mission" mode. I played endless game.