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So, I recently got on to Mewnbase again, and I like the design changes, and the fact base pieces when in 2x2 or higher dimensions, have the center pieces melded together to be a bigger room rather than multiple smaller rooms.  However, this gave me a couple of ideas.

The first is having an alternative to oxygen generation/ being aesthetic, having a sort of "Bio-dome" that works like the base pieces, however has a grass floor.  This would be an interesting idea for people who want a bit of a natural area in their base.  

Moving on, I would like to be able to move the fruit trees so that I could build there, and conveniently, the "Bio-dome" idea works great in planting those trees into your base.

As for the water system, I would like to be able to hook water collectors directly to the base so the water tanks in the base would automatically refill during a rainstorm.

What say the community?

Good Job on Pirating the game, now buy the real thing so you can recieve updates.

Is it realy worth it to Pirate a $3 - $4 game?

@Cairn4 Thanks for the reply. Another idea might be to add engame goals down the road, like getting enough resources to build a domed city for future colonists. It would take a TON of resources to make, but it would be a doable goal.

So, I have bought the game and played Endless Mode to the 100 day mark ingame.

Overall, I think the game is fun and will keep you on your toes for the first 15-30 days. However, after that, I had a base capable of sustaining myself without too much hasstle.

I used a strategy where I built a buggy and built some reactors, an air purifier, a crafting bench, and an air-lock. I went out about 125 tiles and set up a quick temporary base where I would gather the resources of that area to bring back to my main base.

With the game still in development, It has a good foundation on it. However I did run into issues where the game would slow down over time and as I revealed more on the map.

As well, I would like to add my two cents for suggestions that could be added in the future.

Upgrades to the base modules / oxygen tanks / suit power. (though I never really used the flashlight that much)

Having an option to view hunger and health as bars near your oxygen bar.

Raising the time it takes for base modules to leak oxygen. (This was extremely annoying as it kept me from building giant bases due to the punishment of running to all the modules to patch them up.)

On that note, If a module does not have power or oxygen, and is not connected to the base, it should not be making a leaking sound and should not be able to leak. (I placed storage containers outside of my base to reduce the power cost and loss of oxygen of the main base since I could access the contents from outside the base module without power.)

Having Ice / Water / Grain be a renuable resource. (Having a freezing storm at random or creating an "aqueus acumulator" module to create Ice / Water from storms and the atmosphere.)

Being able to build roads with the stone material you aquire.

Online Multiplayer would be fun after more groundwork was set.

Otherwise, This game is pretty good, though by the time you clean out a location you have to pack up and move to get seeds / water / food to stay alive.